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  • Advantages of Digital Marketing

    • April 10, 2019
    • Posted By : Nandini Singh
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    Want to know why is Digital Marketing important? Here are some of the plenty of benefits of Digital Marketing –

    We by now must be having an apt knowledge of Digital Marketing. With knowing what is Digital Marketing, the modules of Digital Marketing and why you should consider it as a career option we can move further to know how it helps a company grow in the market.

    Here is a list of things that make Digital Marketing a great option to promote a business –

    • Cost Effective form of Marketing
    • Yields Good Return on Investment
    • Instant Feedback about Content Performance
    • Strategizing Valuable Data and Related Analytics
    • Most Measurable form of Marketing
    • Helps Target the Ideal Audience
    • Allows the Business to be More Competitive
    • Global Reach

    Plenty of benefits, huh? There are more advantages of Digital Marketing, but for now, let’s discuss the above ones briefly.


    Digital Marketing is a more cost-effective form of marketing as compared to the traditional form.

    Using the wondrous attributes of Digital Marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. an organization can get better returns at lower investments. These elements are very much cost effective as their working is done through technical knowledge of Digital Marketing.

    It is a more feasable form of marketing for small business firms who cannot afford larger space and advertising. Digital Marketing will help such firms increase their sales through tactics and strategies suitable for the firm.

    As compared to traditional marketing concepts, Digital Marketing provides better results at lower costs, to understand more about it have a look at this graph –

    Image source: Lyfe Marketing

    Looking into the graph you can see that for a small business Digital Marketing’s hero, Social Media will be the most low-cost measure, as low as less than $3, while traditional forms will cost as much as $57 for Direct Mail.


    Nothing feels better than getting a good response after you have invested your valuable time and money over your business.

    What Digital Marketing does is that it helps the firm get a substantial return on minimalist investments.

    Promotion of a product through Email Marketing doesn’t require much investment but its return can be significant has email is a well-used tool and marketing through it is one of the most effective ways to generate lead.


    Content can be called Digital Marketing’s backbone. This is because no amount of marketing can generate output unless the content is of good quality.

    Digital Marketing gives you the benefit of direct feedback from the audience through means, such as comments, likes/dislikes, email, etc. which helps the firm recognize its fallbacks and then work on measures to improve them.

    “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

    –Andrew Davis

    It also helps in building trust, as the audience feels more connected to the organization and also get a feeling that the firm cares about their input and values it.


    Once the firm has understood the value of good quality content, it can focus on strategizing it by using tools, such as SEO and make the most use of it.

    Image source: IIDE

    Good data is a boon but not knowing how to use it and promote it on the internet is a bane. Thus, knowing how you can promote it to get a better response is a need that you must fulfill to flourish your business in the era of digitalization.

    Tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, etc. help to analyze your data and how helpful it is for the readers. They use a bunch of technical jargons to analyze your data and all the interactions and visitors that your website has. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.


    With the help of the above-discussed point, we can easily measure the marketing response. Marketing response is the outcome of marketing your business. The response helps measure the usefulness of the steps taken to market a product or service.

    Unlike the Traditional methods of marketing that yields result in a time span of months or years and you have to wait till then to judge how well the marketing campaign worked, Digital Marketing can evaluate the results using software and other tools a lot easier and faster.

    A small business firm cannot afford to wait years to get the results of its marketing, hence it would prefer methods that get faster results and also don’t burn a hole in its pocket!


    Every business knows its target audience unless it is something like water that everyone consumes. It is important that the firm is promoting its work in front of the right people. It would not make sense if an advertisement for an Ice-cream company is run on the website of a Diabetes treatment hospital.

    Digital Marketing measures help the firm understand and target the right audience for its product. It uses tools that will shrink the outreach to the correct kind of audience.

    Image source: Lyfe Marketing

    A billboard will not know the suitable audience for the product/service it’s promoting. Thus, Digital Marketing helps target the ideal audience.


    Digital Marketing levels the platform of competition by giving every business equal perks. A small business firm will not be able to compete with an established business unless it uses the tools of Digital Marketing, which will make its chances of growing significantly better.

    A newly established firm can let the audience know about it faster through Digital Marketing strategies, such as Email Marketing. Social Media Marketing, Content strategies, etc.


    One of the most loved facts about Digital Marketing is its outreach.

    Digital Marketing has made it so convenient for a business to be promoted outside a nation. Thank god for the internet, one can sit at home in India and sell something to someone sitting in the USA.

    Every business wants to grow and expand in the future, the process of doing so is made a lot easier with the tools of Digital Marketing. Due to digitalization, every firm gets a boost by being able to gain a global audience.

    Image source: We Are Social

    As the global growth of the digital industry increases, the platform for marketing anywhere in the world widens with it too.


    Image source: Bootstrap Business

    The advantages of Digital Marketing are numerous, but they are only useful if one understands its importance and knows how to make the most of it. It is one of the fastest growing industries and it will create innumerable job opportunities in the near future.