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Guest Lecture Series at SMS Varanasi

As a part of Guest Lecture Series, Prof B.P. Singh (Former Professor & Dean, Delhi School of Economics) visited SMS, Varanasi from 18th to 21st September 2015. During the series of lectures he interacted with the students of PGDM and MBA (1st and 3rd Semester) and discussed various aspects of management education and contemporary practices in business world. In his deliberation he emphasized that today the need of the corporate is not to recruit a manager but a Leader-Manager. Prof. Singh highlighted that today the professional managers should not only manage but also lead. He also explained to the students the difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness and stressed on practical learning. Speaking on the aspects of Organizational Behavior, he started her interesting talk by throwing light on the difference between a team and a group as one of the most basic yet the most confused terms in the organizational context through a comparison between a cricket team and a class of students. He stressed on the importance of Human Skills in the life of managers as well as entrepreneurs. It was emphasized that need for a manager to have good people skills increases as he climbs up the ladder of success in an organization. He explained that it is behavioral skills which define your strengths and weaknesses ultimately defining your role in an organization. At the end of the lecture series Prof. P.N. Jha, Director SMS, Varanasi felicitated Prof. Singh with memento as a token of love and affection. Present on the occasion were Prof. Sandeep Singh (Dean Students Welfare), Prof. Alok Kumar (Dean Research and Development), Prof. Rajkumar Singh and other faculty members of the institute.

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