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Faculty Development Programme (June 1 to 7, 2015)

nauguration of 7 Days Faculty Development Programme at SMS, Vns

A 7 Days Faculty Development Programme started on 1st June 2015 at Khushipur Campus of SMS, Varanasi. The theme of the 7 DAY Programme is “Contemporary Innovative Practices for Research and Teaching”. Dignitaries present on the inaugural session were Prof.PR Agrawal (Vice Chancellor, Purvanchal University-Jaunpur), Dr.M.P Singh (Executive Secretary, SMS-Varanasi), Prof P.N Jha (Director, SMS-Varanasi) and Dr.Alok Kumar (Convener, FDP). During his welcome address, Prof P N Jha (Director SMS-Varanasi) extended a very warm welcome to the dignitaries and enlightened the forum with importance of Faculty Development Programme along with the importance Professional and Practical approach of teaching in today’s era of Globalization. He also focused on the importance of dyadic relationship between the faculty and student. He further advocated that a smart and effective communication module inculcating Kinesics must be adopted by the faculties for their best delivery in the classroom. Further in the session A New Referred Research Journal Titled “SMS Journal Of Entrepreneurship & Innovation” From Center For Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Skill Development (CEISD) Of SMS Varanasi was Inaugurated & Unveiled by the dignitaries. During his deliberation Chief Guest Prof.P R Agrawal discussed on various measures to improve education and classroom teaching .He advocated on the participatory module of teaching to increase the efficiency and to cope up with the dynamic environment of the corporate world. He referred research as an Ornament and discussed his personal research experiences along with various aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Earlier in the session, Shri Sanjay Gupta (Registrar, SMS-Varanasi) welcomed Prof.Agrawaal with floral bouquet. Felicitation of the chief guest was done by Dr.M.P P Singh (Executive Secretary, SMS-Varanasi) Vote of thanks was given by Dr.Raj Kumar Singh. Day 2 Second day of Faculty Development programme started with the deliberation of Prof Arvind Chaturvedi (IMI-Delhi).He discussed about the problem faced by researchers in olden days in absence of appropriate IT support. He further advocated the importance of computer software and internet in Research. He also discussed and talked about the quality and quantity of PHD and research. He concentrated on 3 S, i.e. Say, Stay and Strive which together forms engagement and enhances the quality of research. He discussed about his professional research experiences with companies like Indian Oil Corporation and differentiated between the commercial and academic research. Day 3 Day 3 of the FDP was an applied session conducted by Prof Chaturvedi in Computer Lab to inculcate the basic application of SPSS. He discussed the dimensions related with variance analysis, factor analysis, annova etc to carry out empirical research in structured manner. Further he discussed about advanced techniques like perpetual mapping by developing relationship between price and economic order quantity. He also described the importance of literature review, development of hypothesis, framing research design etc. At the end of the session Shri Kamal Sheel Mishra felicitated Prof Chaturvedi with shawl and memento as a token of love and affection. Day 4 The resource person for the 4th day was Prof.Prabal K Sen from XLRI Jamshedpur. Prof. Sen discussed about the importance of budget for an economy and factors related with it.He concentrated on 4 major macro-economic variables i.e. target variable, instrument variable, intermediate variable and indicative variables and their respective relationship. Further he discussed about fiscal policy and monetary policy of government of India and their impact on economic growth, price stability social justice etc. He supported provisions under fiscal responsibility and budget management act 2003, which sets the responsibility of government of India to reduce fiscal deficit, institutionalized the financial discipline, overall management of public fund and to ensure balanced budget. At the end of the session Prof P.N Jha (Director SMS, Varanasi) felicitated Prof Sen with Shawl and memento as a token of love and affection. Day 5 Day 5 started with the deliberation of Prof Pramod Pathak Head Department of Management Studies) ISM Dhanbaad .He discussed on the various approaches and pedagogy of teaching management. He advocated that management cannot be taught rather it is inculcation of specific skills. He said that management is not a knowledge rather it is about practice and wisdom. He further discussed on balance between intelligent quotient, Emotional quotient and Moral quotient .Discussing about various teaching aids, he advocate the participative teaching module by reducing the reluctant level in class room. He focused on the importance of communication kinesics to substitute monologue with dialogue. At the end of the session Prof P.N Jha (Director SMS, Varanasi) felicitated Prof Pathak with shawl and memento as a token of love and affection. Day 6 Day 6 Started with the deliberation Dr.P K Chakraborty (Coordinator Computer Centre BHU),he discussed the various attribute related with research like framing research problem, identification of variables related with research, developing research methodology by selecting appropriate research design. He also emphasized on importance of regressive literature review before starting any research to streamline the whole research process. At the end of the session Dr.Raj Kumar Singh) felicitated Prof Chakraborty with shawl and memento as a token of love and affection. Day 7 On 7th and last day of Faculty Development Programme the Esteemed Resource Person was Dr. A.K. Tripathi (Head IIT BHU, Computer department). During his deliberation he focused on the importance of Faculty Development Programme and elucidated different terminology associated with it. He also tried to establish the relation between Research, Innovation and technological advancement and how these three are related with each other. In present prevailing condition he emphasized on the importance of the computer based data management which in turn is going to suffice the need of Research. Discussing the importance of a teacher in student’s life he advocated that a Teacher untie the knots of fear and opens the way to achieve success through conviction and confidence. Later in the Valedictory Session Prof. Vijay Verma, presented the gist of Seven Days Faculty Development Programme. Next in the session Prof. P.N. Jha (Director SMS, Varanasi) presented his observation for the same. At the end of the Session Participation Certificate was deciphered to the participants. Vote Of Thanks was given by Dr.Alok Kumar.

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