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TECH MARATHON-2014@ SMS Varanasi

TECH MARATHON-2014@ SMS Varanasi

An integral part of professional education, a simulation based competition Tech Marathon, organized for MCA students ended after continuous 24-hour run at the Khushipur campus of School of Management Sciences (SMS) Varanasi. The contest was won by the team of Abhishek Tripathi, Ashutosh Srivastava, Alok Kumar Singh, Saurabh Jain (MCA Semester 4 students) who were able to implement all three levels of the Android based applications with all functionalities. The runners-up position was captured by the team of Sakshi Srivastava, Meenakshi Singh, Nutan Singh and Ashish Dhar Tripathi.

According to the organizer of the event, Shri Ram Gopal Gupta (Reader), the competition was unique in the sense that it aimed at honing the skills of teamwork amongst students, a necessary ingredient in software development and also how to work under stressful conditions of deadlines, which is always demanded from the client side in typical business scenario. The team-centric event comprised of Registration through mobile at the first level while the second level was concerned with admin which can add, delete or modify the contest list, in other words controlling the apps. The final level consisted of deployment of the local database to remote server using google/dropbox/skydrive. Then the constraints were validated and finally implemented. The problem levels were also discussed with corporates Mr. Atul Mishra, Tech Lead, Samsung India, Noida, Mr. Abdul Qaiyoom, CEO, Allies Interactive Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur,and Mr. Gagan Singh, Sr. Android Developer, Copper Mobile, Noida before finalizing the event.

Addressing the winners and other participants, around 40 in number under 11 teams, the Director of the Institute hailed the efforts from both sides-faculty and students owing to which this unique exercise got organized flawlessly for continuous 24 hours where students stayed at the campus day-night. Later Certificates were presented to the winning teams. On the occasion, the HOD-Computer Applications Shri KS Mishra, the MCA coordinator Shri SS Srivastava and a technical team comprising of Shri Abhishek Srivastava (Sr. Lecturer), Shri Pradeep Srivastava (Manager-IT), Shri Debpriyo Banerjee (System Administrator) Shri Sushil Singh and Shri KN Chaubey (both Sr. programmers) were also present.

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