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Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mittal, IAS(Retd.) at SMS Varanasi

On 4th August 2013, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mittal, IAS (Retd.) Govt. of India, visited the SMS Varanasi campus to deliver his lecture to the faculty members and students of SMS Varanasi. The guest lecture was organized by the Centre for Spiritualism & Human Enrichment (C-SHE) of SMS Varanasi under the Hi-Life Lecture Series. Mr. Mittal joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in the year 1975 and was assigned to Uttar Pradesh Cadre. He retired from IAS as Social Welfare Commissioner from UP in year 2009. Before joining IAS, he did his graduation from the University of Roorkee in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1970. During his interaction he told to students that Spiritual Thinking and the Positive Thinking are the same. He shared that his mission in life is to develop positive thinking in the whole society so that the world becomes a better place to live and for the aforesaid purpose he has founded a mission in the name Kabir Peace Mission. For him Kabir is a symbol of humanity in true sense. He said that values have a great role to play in human life. To clarify this he cited the example of Swami Vivekanandas life. The manner in which Vivekananda grew up with inquiring mind, the way he searched for his Guru (Swami Ramakrishna), the manner in which he spread the knowledge provided by his guru and most importantly manner in which he led his whole life full of values and character and serving the poor. Earlier Director of institute, Prof. P. N. Jha welcomed the guest and showcased his thankfulness towards Mr. Mittal for his visit at SMS, Varanasi. Session has been coordinated by Dr. Meenakshi Singh and Vote of Thanks was presented by Mr. Sandeep Singh.

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