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Guest Lecture by Dr. B. R. Singh, Former Director- HR, Ispat Industries Limited

Dr. B. R. Singh, Former Director- HR, Ispat Industries Limited, conducted a workshop on Emerging Dimensions of Global Economy vis a vis India and the Career Prospects of Young Professional for PGDM II Semester students on February 04, 2013. In his interaction he emphasized on the availability of younger population in India and its positive impact on growth of country. Moreover he discussed about the growing agricultural sector in India and future prospects of same. He has underlined the role of agricultural growth in development of state. Infrastructural support is foundation of development and India is doing remarkable work in this area he said. Further he added that, Indian markets are developing due to its own purchasing power, therefore Indian youngsters possess bundle of opportunities in terms of future employment options. On the same day another workshop was conducted by Dr. Singh on Building up the competitive edge and lasting Brand of a Management School for the faculty and staff of SMS, Varanasi. In this session he highlighted on the need of visionary leadership for the overall improvement and branding of a Business-School. Moreover he emphasized on the need of good academicians and adapting the changes as per change in business, employment and social environment.

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