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Lecture Session by Mr. Siddiqui, COO, Maruti-Suzuki

School of Management Sciences (SMS), Varanasi organized Hi-Life Lecture Series whereMr. S. Y. Siddiqui, Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Limiteddelivered lecture on the topic Corporate Warfare. Adressing students under Hi-Life Guest Lecture series; Mr. S. Y. Siddiqui urged students to follow ME Vs ME principle to sustain and prosper in the corporate world. He told students to be ready as the world business environment is volatile and favourable to our country. Citing example of Rahul Dravid, he said follow ME Vs ME principle established by the famous cricketer. As Mr. Dravid set his own benchmark and always compared with himself to achieve his goal. Such kind of benchmarking enhances career and establishes onself in the corporate world. Mr. S. Y. Siddiqui, who made his maiden visit to SMS, Varanasi also told eventuality of global business and different HR practices. He said 20-20 belongs to India and China as World will see the business development in these two countries. Sharing his views Mr. Siddiqui stated that India is the youngest democracy in the world. Its median age lies around 24.6 years which is next to South Africa. This results a large pool of talent and productive population which makes it an important destination for Industrial and Global economic growth. Even the most productive country in the world do not have this opportunity as they would be missing the productive age pool. As an HR expert of high profile company of the country, he compared business scene of 70s from present time. He said people has become more important than anything in the industry; even more important than technology and customers. As things can only be done by the people through their innovation and creativity. Giving examples of Japanese, he told students to make plan and execute then success will be achieveable. He has suggested not to copy the strategy culture created opted by Americans. He also expressed his views about business orientation and told the students to be business focussed since other environment supports it. Earlier,Dr. Sanjay Saxena,Associate Professor, SMS welcomed the guest and briefly discussed achievements of SMS in front of notable corporate personality. At the end,Mr. Sandeep Singh, Associate Professor, SMS proposed Vote of Thanks and solicited his benign presence in the International Conference going to be organised in the Institute in February, 2013.

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