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Blood & Eye Donation Awareness Camp

On the occasion of Voluntary Blood Donation Day [October 1], a blood donation camp was organised at the Khushipur Campus of the School of Management Sciences (SMS) where faculty, students and staff voluntarily donated blood. The programme was organised under the aegis of SMS Social Welfare Club Rainbow. The endeavor was also supported by two NGOs Shastra and Transforming group. The programme witnessed the august presence of Dr. M. Hakeem, (IMA, Varanasi), Dr. Abhishek Chandra (Asst. Prof. IMS, B.H.U.) and Dr. Shekhar (Grief Counsellor, IMA, Varanasi).

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. M. Hakeem highlighted the importance of Blood Donation which can help to save thousands of lives. He inspired the students to come forward and donate blood to safeguard life of others. Dr. Abhishek Chandra stated that Blood is more required in traumatic cases and in our country due to non-availability of blood, millions of lives are lost. Dr. Chandra further highlighted the importance of Eye Donation and stated that every year in India; approximately thirty thousand people loose their eyesight. He inspired students to voluntarily donate eyes and blood and serve the humanity. The other speaker Dr. Shekhar with the help of an example emphasised that humanity can be served in the best way by donating Eye and Blood voluntarily to the needy people. He urged the students to come forward for this Nobel cause.

Earlier the programme began with the lamp lighting and garlanding of the statue of Goddess Saraswati. Welcoming the dignitaries, Prof. P. N. Jha, Director, SMS said that in order to attain professional and personal success in life, students should fulfill diligently their duty towards the society for uplifting the life of thousands. Eye and Blood donations are the most glaring ways to fulfill social obligations. On this occasion, the Director Prof. P. N. Jha, Executive Secretary Dr. M. P. Singh, Registrar Shri Sanjay Gupta and the entire organising team of Rainbow Club along with all faculty and staff members along with students were present. The Director presented mememto to the officials of I.M.A. and NGO groups, Shastra and Transforming group. The inaugural session was coordinated by Ms. Indrani Sengupta (Lecturer, SMS) while the Vote-of-thanks was proposed by Prof. J. P. Mishra (Dean Academics, SMS).

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