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SMS Varanasi is awarded by IIT Bombay

School of Management Sciences Varanasi is awarded by IIT Bombay for their commendable work and spreading awareness through holding Software Training workshops. On behalf of SMS Varanasi Dr. Aditya Kumar Gupta, Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi has received Most Accomplished Spoken Tutorial Educator Award (MASTER Award) by IIT Bombay for his exemplary contribution as an Educator Resource in the implementation of the Spoken Tutorial Project of IIT Bombay. This Award is presented by Prof. Kannan M. Moudgalya Spoken Tutorial Project Coordinator, during Spoken Tutorial Awards 2023, held at IIT Bombay on 4 March 2023.

Dr. Gupta has been associated with Spoken Tutorial Project since 2013. He has organized numerous Software Training Programs for courses like C, CPP, Java, Python, Linux, PHP and MySQL through which more than 3000 students get benefited. He is continuously receiving appreciation from IIT Bombay for his outstanding contribution of using ICT based teaching and learning methodology for students of SMS Varanasi. We are congratulating him for this achievement and remarkable contribution to the institute.

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