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Workshop on Data Analysis through SPSS for the Students of B.Com(H)@ SMS Varanasi

School of Management Sciences Varanasi, Department of Commerce organized a 12 Days’Workshop as a Course Curriculum Program on Data Analysis through SPSS for theStudents of B.Com Honours II Semester from 15.05.2023 to 27.05.2023. During these daysof Workshop Professional Trainers from Aradhya Technologies were invited for the event.The Training delivered by Mr. Brijesh Chaurasia, Director, Aradhya Technologies ,Varanasi along with the assistance from Abhishek Singh, trainer from the same firm.

During the process the students were taught with all the components, techniques andpracticalities of SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) and their analysis process withresearch and new techniques. The various statistical tools and techniques were explained throughthis medium and deliver as much as detail concept on use of statistics through SPSS. Thestudents were assigned with the assignments at day end every day and being evaluated on thatbasis very next day. The trainer responded to each and every query of the students and explainedthe thing in a very simple and smooth manner. Many quizzes were also conducted on shortcutkeys in relation to SPSS. On the last day a Test was conducted on the whole syllabus of theworkshop and 100 percent students passed that exam. The students appreciated the event a lotand gave the valuable feedback to the trainers as well as the institute. On the last day a groupphotograph were taken with all the students and vote of thanks was delivered to the whole forumby Mr. Suraj Prakash Singh Assistant Professor, Co-Coordinator of B.Com Honours program.

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