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Workshop on Professional Branding through Social Media @SMS Varanasi

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi (An Autonomous College) organizing Five Days (30Contact Hours) Workshop on Value added Course (Course Code – VAC: PBSM) on“Professional Branding through Social Media” for the II Semester students of BBA, Batch 2022-2025 from 28 th May, 2023 to 1 st June, 2023 in Lab 6 and Lab 7 at SMS Varanasi. The workshopwas conducted by SEG Trainers, Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee, Director and Founder of SEGAcademy, Varanasi and Mr. Ashish Gupta, Trainer SEG Academy, Varanasi. The workshopbegan by introducing the Trainers to the Students. The purpose of this workshop is to provide anunderstanding of the power and impact of social media in both personal and professional life.Students will learn how to leverage social media effectively to achieve their goals. By the end ofthis workshop, Students will be able to understand the key social media platforms and theirfeatures, they will develop a strong social media strategy and implement the best practices foreffective social media marketing. The workshop will include the content - social media and ItsImportance, Social Media Strategy, Tools, Positive and Negative Impact, Doe’s and Don’t onsocial media, Efficient Learning with You Tube, Utilization of Facebook and Instagram inEducation, how to use LinkedIn effectively and Email etiquette. The workshop session wascoordinated by Dr. Sofia Khan, Co-Coordinator of BBA Programme, SMS Varanasi and Dr.Chandra Shekhar Singh, Coordinator of BBA Programme, SMS Varanasi.

Professional Branding Through Social Media@ Sms Varanasi

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