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B.Com (Hons) Farewell Party 2023 @ SMS Varanasi

Embracing New Horizons B.Com(Hons) Farewell BashWith a theme that whispered "Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna", the B.Com(Hons) VI Semester students of 2021-2024 celebrated the end of an era and the dawn of exciting new journeys.

Prof. P. N. Jha, Director, lauded the students for crafting a farewell soirée that resonated with heartfelt emotions. His words of wisdom paved the way for dreams to take flight.

The tapestry of memories was woven tighter as B.Com(Hons) students united to bid adieu. The blessings of Mr. Sanjay Gupta, the Registrar, Prof. R. K. Singh, HoD, Prof. Kamalsheel Mishra, and Mr. Veer Pratap, Course Coordinator, B.Com(Hons) (Hons), along with the entire faculty and staff, enveloped the gathering with warmth.

These are not farewells they are stepping stones to greatness. The knowledge gained, friendships formed, and experiences cherished will always illuminate our path. Here is to embracing fresh horizons with hearts full of hope and gratitude.

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