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MCA & BCA Orientation Programme 2023 @SMS Varanasi

A two-day orientation program for the BCA and MCA courses conducted at the School of Management Sciences began. Addressing the newly admitted students in the inaugural session of the program, Director of the Institute, Prof. P.N. Jha said that today in the global scenario, revolutionary changes are taking place in various fields including education, agriculture, science, research through computer generated technology. Technologies like virtual reality, robotics have made the work field easier and have also created new opportunities While encouraging the newly admitted students, he said that this is a better time to get technical education, in future you students are the ones who will build a new and technologically rich India. Discussing the modern and advanced resources available in SMS, Prof. Jha said that by using the eight computer labs as well as the advanced library here, students can not only improve their skills but also prepare themselves for future plans.

prof. Anil Kumar Tripathi, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT (BHU), who was the chief guest at the orientation programme, said that education is the comer stone of progress and empowerment, and the fields of MCA and BCA represent the frontier of technological progress. Professor Tripathi called upon the newly admitted students to accept challenges, because this is where true learning is achieved. He said that the world is increasingly dependent on technology, and your role in shaping its future cannot be underestimated. Take advantage of every opportunity, and remember that education is not just about acquiring skills; It is about unflooring a lifelong learning mindset.

The special guest of the program, Mr. Avneesh Kamboj, Founder & CEO, Binmile Technology, encouraged the incoming students and said that you should look forward not only to excel academically but also to explore the wider horizons of technology. Interacting directly with the students, he said that a holistic approach including getting involved in extra-curricular activities, networking with professionals and looking for internships and practical experiences will help students prepare for the demands of the industry.

Another guest of honor Mr. Rajesh Tripathi, CEO, Kenbox Technology said that in today fast-changing world, technology is the driving force behind innovation and progress. He encouraged the students by saying that you have chosen the path that will allow you to be at the center of this change. Guiding the students, Mr. Tripathi said that HR is not just about policies and procedures; It is about understanding  people and connecting with them. The greatest assets newcomers to this field will have will be communication, empathy, and adaptability.

In the inaugural session, the introduction of Preamble of SMS was presented by Mr. Karlikeya Singh, Assistant Professor. Prof. Kamalsheel Mishra, Head of Department, Department of Computer Sciences informed about MCA and BCA courses. Conducted by Dr. Bhavna Singh and vote of thanks was given by MCA Course Coordinator Mr. Shambhu Sharan Srivastava. On this occasion, SMS Varanasi Executive Secretary Dr. M.P. Singh, Director Prof. P.N. Jha, Registrar Mr. Sanjay Gupta, BCA Course Coordinator Mr. Vikash Chandra Sharma, Co-Coordinator Ms. Shripriya Roy Choudhury, Mr. Anand Prakash Dubey, Mr. Sushil Kumar and all the teachers were present.

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