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Panorama Club and Department of Mass Communication Organises workshop on “Basic Skills of Photography”

Panorama Club and Department of Mass Communication organised one day workshop on “Basic Skills of Photography” at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi on 18th of June, 2022. The workshop was organised for BA(H) Mass Communication second semester students. The resource person of the workshop was Mr. Irfan Ahmed Khan. Mr. Khan explained students about various aspects of photography. His major thrust was to apprise students with the basic nuances of photography. He said that with the advent of new mobile cameras with latest technology, there is no need to go for expensive cameras. Instead of craving for high end cameras, the budding photographers need to develop a sense of photography which essentially makes a photographer skilful. Further elaborating on various dimensions of photography, Mr. Irfan told the importance of composition and exposure in photography. How lighting plays an important role in good photography. Mr. Irfan’s deliberation incorporated almost all the basic aspects of photography like shutter speed, ISO, aperture, depth of field, focal length, lenses, etc….Students were pleased with satisfactory answers to their queries. Vote of thanks was proposed by the coordinator of the mass communication department Dr. Avinash Chandra Supkar. Faculty members Dr. Gaurav Shah and Dr. Ishan Tripathi were also present in the workshop.

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