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Panorama "Varanasi by Night" Photography Contest: Capture the Nocturnal Magic

Panorama - The Shutterbugs  Club, an active photography club within our institution, organized a photography contest under the theme "Varanasi by Night." This event aimed to provide students across various courses with an opportunity to capture the unique essence of Varanasi after sunset.

Exploring "Varanasi by Night"

Varanasi, our beloved city, dons a different guise when the sun sets and darkness blankets the landscape. The city awakens with a unique allure - from the glittering nightlife to the ethereal glow of illuminated buildings and the tranquil ambiance that envelops the Ghats by the river.

The contest ran from September 30, 2023, to October 6, 2023, with submissions accepted until 11:59 PM on the closing date. This report details the contest objectives, participation guidelines, and outcomes.

Contest Details:

1. Duration: The contest spanned from September 30, 2023, to October 6, 2023.

2. Categories: Participants could compete in two categories - DSLR camera and Mobile photography.

3. Submission Guidelines: Contestants were permitted to submit both edited and unedited self-clicked photographs. However, all submissions were required to include the following information:

   - Full Name with Class & Roll Number

   - Camera/Mobile Model Used

   - Editing Software Used (if applicable)

   - Preservation of Metadata: Ensuring that the metadata of the images remained unaltered was mandatory to maintain the authenticity of the entries.


Theme and Objectives:

The theme "Varanasi by Night" aimed to encourage students to explore and capture the city nocturnal ambiance, which is distinct from its daytime atmosphere. The objectives of the contest included:

- Fostering creative expression among students.

- Providing a platform to showcase the beauty and character of Varanasi after dark.

- Encouraging technical and artistic photography skills.

- Promoting the preservation of metadata in digital photography.

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