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B.Com (Hons)-I Students Visit to Amar Ujala Printing Press

Exploring the World of Print Media: B.Com(Hons) Students Visit to Amar Ujala Printing Press.

A fascinating day for our B.Com(Hons) students as they embarked on an enlightening journey to the Amar Ujala printing press in Ramnagar, Varanasi.

With wide-eyed wonder, they delved into the heart of the printing and circulation unit, gaining valuable insights into the intricate process that brings news to our fingertips.Curiosities were quenched, and questions found their answers.

All thanks to the meticulous organization by Course Coordinator, Mr. Vir Pratap.

Amar Ujala, not only our gracious host but also our enthusiastic chronicler, featured this enriching visit in its esteemed pages.

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