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Special Guest Lecture for MBA - III Semester Students @ SMS Varanasi

A special Guest lecture for  MBA - III Semester students as they gathered for an insightful lecture. Mr. Subhanwesha Mahapatra, the Head of HR & Administration at Parag Dairy, Varanasi, a division of the esteemed National Dairy Development Board, graced us with his expertise.

The topic of the day was "A Brief Insight About Industry Expectations from a Young Management Graduate: Journey from Campus to Corporate". Mr. Mahapatra wealth of experience and wisdom shed light on the critical bridge between academia and the corporate world.

A warm welcome was extended by our esteemed MBA course coordinator, Prof. Amitabh Pandey, setting the tone for a truly enriching session. At SMS Varanasi, we believe in providing not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights for a holistic learning experience. Here is to more such illuminating sessions in the future.

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