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B.COM Fresher Party 2023 @ SMS Varanasi

B.Com-IIIrd Semester students (2022-25 Batch) set the stage on fire as they hosted an unforgettable fresher party for our B.Com-I Semester (2023-26 Batch) newcomers. Titled "Shubharambh," the event was a delightful blend of entertainment, fun, and sheer joy.

Addressing the newcomers, Prof. P. N. Jha, the Director of SMS Varanasi, shared insightful thoughts on the enduring relevance of commerce. He emphasized the immense potential for job formation within this field and expressed confidence that the newcomers would elevate the legacy of our program to new heights.

The fresher party turned into a showcase of incredible talents, with students wowing the audience through singing, dancing, and music performances that left everyone amazed.Prof. Rajkumar Singh, Head of the Commerce Department, and Dr. Chandra Shekhar Singh, Coordinator of the Program, along with Co-Coordinator Dr. Anju Singh, motivated and guided students to strive for excellence.The presence of Registrar Mr. Sanjay Gupta, along with the teaching and staff members, added to the festive spirit of the occasion.

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