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Orinetation Programme on Role of Emotional Intelligence in Achieving Success (For BBA 1st Semester Students)

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi conducted an orientation program for orientation program on “Role of Emotional Intelligence in Achieving Success” on Wednesday, 28th October 2020. The keynote speaker was Dr. Pallavi Pathak (Associate Professor) Co-Coordinator, Behavioral Dynamic Lab at School of Management Sciences Varanasi. In her informative deliberation; she made students aware of various dimensions of emotional intelligence. She emphasized the need for high emotional intelligence for a better life and career. She also inspired students about how to gain high emotional intelligence through some practical daily practices.

The session was well coordinated by Ms. Anamika Patel (Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi). The session including interaction with students for questions and answers. Mr. Rohit Mehta (B.B.A Course Coordinator) has been responsible and instrumental in organizing orientation programs on various student beneficial themes.

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