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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM on “Campus to Corporate” (In Association with Tata Consultany Services )

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM ON "Campus to Corporate”  (In Association with Tata Consultany Services )

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi in association with Tata Consultancy Services organized 4-day training workshop (26-30 December 2019) on Faculty Development Program at its Campus. The theme of the workshop was Campus to Corporate. The prime objective of the workshop was to train the faculty of SMS Varanasi to cater to the demands of the corporate industry. The inaugural session of the workshop started with the deliberation of Mr. Ankur Maggoo, AGM, TCS. Mr. Ankur stated that industry demands ready product. There is a need to bridge the gap between the academic institutions and the demand of the corporate industry. Some contents are needed to be added in the academics to change the mindset of the people regarding corporate. Ankur stressed on the domain of Banking Financial Services (BFS). He called on the faculties present to learn new skills of the corporate industry in order to create a win-win situation for both the institution and the industry.

Earlier, the director of the institute Prof. P.N. Jha welcomed the resource persons and the participants, highlighted the importance of the education sector in the society. He said that teaching profession is an honorable and mother of all the professions. Prof. Jha expressed his concern about the dismal condition of education institutes in the country. However, Prof Jha was glad that recently drafted New Education Policy is addressing the existing lacuna in the education sector of the country. Prof. Jha stated that being NAAC “A” accredited institute, SMS Varanasi always indulge in creating such opportunities to discuss and disseminate knowledge by becoming a bridge to academia and industry. After the welcome speech, training session of the workshop started with the trainers from Tata Consultancy Services namely, Ms. Deep mala Ganguli and Mr. Uma Makesh. The session began with an overview of corporate. The session simultaneously conducted by Deepmala and Makesh. Overview of was Business Processing Services (BPS) was followed by open forum with active participation of the faculties of the SMS. On this occasion, Registrar of the institute Mr. Sanjay Gupta, felicitated resource persons from TCS with bouquet and Memento. The Convener of workshop Prof. Sanjay Saxena and coordinator the of the workshop Dr. Amitabh Pandey were also present. Ms. Anamika Patel conducted the workshop.

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