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Orinetation Programme on College IT Infrastructure (For BCA 1st Semester Students)

School of Management Sciences Varanasi organized Orientation programme for BCA 1st semester Students by Department of Computer Science on the fifth theme “COLLEGE IT INFRASTRUCTURE ” on Wednesday, 28th October 2020. The main keynote speaker Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor, SMS, Varanasi in his wonderful deliberation made students aware of various dimensions of the topic.

The complete session was coordinated by Mr Vikash Chandra Sharma, Assistant Professor & Co-Coordinator BCA Programme, SMS, Varanasi. Special thanks to our Dean (System & IT), HOD- Computer Science Prof. Kamal Sheel Mishra, Professor, SMS Varanasi and Coordinator BCA Programme Mr. Anand Prakash Dube, Associate Professor SMS, Varanasi for framing as well as shaping this event.

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