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Workshop on Business Analytics Using MS-Excel & R-Programming

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organized two days workshop (Nov 23-24, 2019) on “Business Analytics Using MS-Excel & R-Programming” for PGDM III Semester Students. The Resource Person for the workshop was Mr. Veeresh Tripathi Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi.

This workshop aims to make participants aware as to, how to get business insights by analysing the data available from various sections of organisation. Participant were exposed towards simple and exhaustive ways of data analysis through interactive and practice-based sessions along with theoretical learning. They were told about how to collect data, convert the raw data into information and using prudent business analytics practises, tools, techniques and interactive visualisations

This workshop is also intended to help management students in sharpening their analytical skill through MS-Excel & R-Programming. The program is designed to cover all relevant aspects of statistical data analysis starting from the very basics of defining the variable, input responses, data preparation, and data cleaning to advance statistical technique including theoretical aspect behind such technique

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