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Workshop on National Nutritional Week 2019 @ SMS Varanasi

National Nutrition Week is used to make the people get every knowledge about the Nutrition and its Importance for the Human Body. It is used to celebrate from the 1st of September to the 7th of September to make the people focus on the Nutrition for their better Health. Every people are used to get better Health for their better living. One has to make sure to do every task with proper Health for its quick and better achievement of it. People are used to carrying out their tasks for the betterment and welfare of the people. Nutrition is very important for the Human Body as well as many another living being as due to it everyone can carry out their work properly and accurately. There are many people today in India which are Malnourished and require proper diet for their better Body Growth. The government has made many of the Seminars and also Camps to give the proper Education to every Child and Citizen in the India Country. Every Child in the India should grow better without any problem of Nutrition. People are very curious today to make their Body grow to work better and more in their Companies. They are used to eat many of the Powders as well as Healthy Diet to get all the Important Nutrition for their better Health. So it is quite important for the people to create a better attitude towards the Health. It is very necessary for the people to get every Important Nutrition to their Body to work quickly and properly. The government has organised many of the Camps to create a lot of better Attitude to maintain and focus on their Body Growth.

Keeping this into consideration, SMS Varanasi organized one day workshop of National Nutrition Week-2019. The key resource persons for this workshop were Mr. Vinay Tripathi Communication and branding head at DS Research Centre and Mrs. Manjari Vajpayee Clinical Nutritionist at DS Research Centre. They basically talked about cancer where they enlightened the student regarding cancer and its cure, which can be easily curable, if one follows healthy lifestyle. They also told about the various reason through human develop cancer cell, but can be also avoided if one take preventive measure rather than remedial measures.

They also talked about maintaining human body as it becomes very tough to maintain the Body when the people work for more than their Limits. It is useful to eat a better diet than to eat Junk foods which are made outside the House to keep the body maintain and also to grow better. It is likely to be easy to get a proper health of a person when He/She gets a proper diet in their Daily life. So it is helpful for every people to eat those type of food which they can better Nutrition to their Body for increasing their Body for any type of Simple as well as Difficult work. It is very important for the people to carry out a proper timetable of the Lunch and Dinner for eating the food for their better health. Many of the people in India eat their food before the Evening as it is reported by the Scientists that every food for its digestion takes atleast 4 Hours to completely digest the Food and give Energy to the Body. So It is recommended to the people to eat their Lunch and the Dinner before the Evening time to make their Body consume the Food and Digest it in a lot of time properly. It is advice to get a proper treatment of the Doctors to make a proper Body to do any type of work.

This workshop was coordinated by Mr. Aviral Mishra Assistant Professor at School of Management Sciences Varanasi

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