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Self Defence Workshop for Girl Students held on Activity Day

In today?s world, where we talk a lot about terrorism, isn?t harassment be it physical or mental, a form of terrorism too? From the time when women are little girls, they are asked to fear the bad men who might get them. Women are terrified of being stalked, eve-teased, abused or even killed by the bad men, but the problem lies in not being able to tell apart the good from the bad, and so the women got to wary of them all.

On the eve of Activity day at SMS Varanasi, it decided to celebrate the power of women by encouraging them to ensure their safety. Self-defense karate training was organized for the girl students of all the streams. The idea behind this workshop was to make girls ensure their safety without being dependent on anybody else.

Ms. Arti Verma, Karate Black Belt and Student of M. Com First Semester, taught the students about the basics of karate in this workshop. She has participated and won in more than 25 National and International Karate Competitions. During the seminar, several techniques were practiced and taught to the girls? students. The main tricks of self-defense like escaping a wrist grip or an uncomfortable hand grabbing from behind were demonstrated. The trainer also showed that palm, elbows, knees, legs, etc. are the body parts that can be used as weapons. Simple techniques like thumping with your feet, choking the attacker from the neck, a ringing ear slap or using a palm strike were taught and exercised by the trainer in this workshop.

"Prevention and Preparedness are the most proven self-defense skills."

This session was coordinated by Ms. Kashish Motiramani, Student M.Com First Semester at SMS Varanasi.

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