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Orientation Programme on Corporate Skill Development

Department of Commerce, SMS, Varanasi conducted an orientation programme for 1st sem. Students and 1st Year students on the fourth theme “Corporate skill development” on Thursday, 22th October 2020. The main keynote speaker Prof. (Dr.) Rajkumar Singh, Dean (R&D), HOD (Commerce), SMS, Varanasi in his impeccable deliberation made students aware of various dimensions of the theme. In a nutshell, Sir’s superb speech inculcated novice participants about how to acquire and retain outclass corporate skills during their entire educational as well as professional journey respectively.

The complete session including the question and answer session was very well coordinated by Dr. Akriti Jaiswal, Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi. Finally, the session ended with an enthralling vote of thanks done by Mrs. Anju Singh, Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi. Special thanks to our Respected (Hons) Coordinator Mr. Atish Khadse, Associate Professor, SMS, Varanasi, and respected Coordinator Dr. Shishir Gujrati, SMS, Varanasi as well as Respected Co-coordinator Mr. Purnendu Patra, SMS, Varanasi & Dynamic Co-coordinator Mr. Aviral Mishra, SMS, Varanasi for drafting as well as shaping this event.

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