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Webinar on Fostering Resilience through Mental Wellness

SMS, Varanasi organised a webinar on "Fostering Resilience Through Mental Wellness" on 10th of October 2020 to observe "World Mental Health Day"

It was an attempt to create awareness and sensitization towards the importance of mental wellbeing, to encourage the dialogue on the theme through divergent perspectives and to provide suggestions to the participants for fostering Resilience and Mental wellbeing.

The key speaker for this webinar was Dr. Mona Srivastava, Prof and Head, Dept of Psychiatry, IMS BHU. Ms. Arani Chakraborty , Head , LnD and Branding , Narayana Group, Kolkata. Dr. Shaifali Gupta, MD (Path), Wellness Expert and Author, Ahmedabad. Ms. Snigdha Samantray, Lead Clinical Psychologist, MFine , Bengaluru.

Individuals from different parts of India along with few from Dubai and Indonesia also participated enthusiastically. Q & A round was handled by Ms. Anamika Patel, Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi.

The programme was organised under the aegis of Behavioural Dynamics Lab and Counselling Cell. This enriching webinar was coordinated by Dr. Pallavi Pathak, Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi.

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