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Five Days Tech Series – 2019

The LiveWire Club at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organized 5 days Tech series – 2019 (Jan 28-Feb 01) This series was designed for MCA and BCA students, where student can take part in various events. This Event was aimed at developing and enhancing crucial skills and competencies among the undergraduate students such as planning and execution of technology based projects, teamwork and coordination, stress management, handling the work pressure, meeting the deadline, division of work, creativity and innovation.

Events under Tech series were: 1. Techno Quiz Victor

This is an online quiz event in which participants will find a set of 40 questions and they will have to answer them within 30 minutes. Questions will be based IT fundamentals and programming basics. Participation is not allowed in groups.

2. Code Trouble-shooter

This is an online code troubleshooting event in which participants will get 20 program codes based on C/C++/Java and they have to find errors in them within 30 minutes. Participation will be in groups only (two in each).

3. Code Debugger

Participants will get 5 erroneous programs with their objectives, based on C/C++/Java/JavaScript and they have to do corrections in programs in such a way that stated objective can be met. Time duration of this event is 50 minutes. Participation will be in groups only (two in each).

4. Web Spider

In this event, a web template based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript will be provided to the participants and they have to modify/convert it effectively for the announced topic. The time duration of this event is 2 Hours. Participation will be in groups only (two in each).

Following are the students who achieved success in the various event organized under Tech Series-2019 The event was organized and coordinated by Shri Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor & Coordinator – LiveWire Club and his team.
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