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Delegates of California State University, USA participated in ‘Visit Varanasi’ Program

School of Management Sciences, under its foreign university association collaboration program, organzed a 6 day long “Visit Varanasi” program for faculty and students of California State University. The CSU team was headed by Co-Directors of Center of Global Management Prof. Vipin Gupta and Prof. Frank Lin.

Visit Varanasi Program is a unique customized program to this multifaceted multilayered ancient city of light, called Varanasi. Various hues and tones of the city, paint in the colors of Cultural Varanasi, Spiritual Varanasi, Musical Varanasi, Artistic Varanasi and Artistry Varanasi. The city is also a major business center and caters to huge market spread across 4 states including UP.

This Visit Varanasi program was designed as Socio-Cultural-Business tour for the students and faculties, in consultation with Prof. Vipin Gupta, from CSU.

The program was designed to show case the smart mix of all the major elements of the city, keeping in mind the learning quotoient for the participating students as the students were also to be evaulated on the project given during their visit, for 1.5 credit.

Day 1

The tour started with an introductory session on Varanasi and the program organized at The Taj Gateway, the hotel where the team stayed. The Director of School of Management Sciences, welcomed the guests, The program coordinator Mr. KK Bajpai, explained the details of the program and a special workbook designed for the puropose was given to the guests, along with other welcome goodies, which included a specially designed bag, Map of Varansi, The detail program schedule and Picture Postcard made from photographs clicked by Mr. KK Bajpai, There was a visual introduction of the city given by noted photographers Manish Khattary and Mr. Vinay Tripathi, Later in the day the guests were taken for bajra ride on river Ganga. The team enjoyed the ride and beautiful view of Ghat and Ganga Aarti. Later they dined at the Banaras Club

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