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Sahajayog Meditation for SMS Students

School of Management Sciences Varanasi organized Sahajayog Meditation for its PGDM and BBA Students on 31st March, 2017. Meditation was conducted by a team of Sahaja Yoga World Foundation headed by Ms. Varsha Pradhan. Ms. Varsha interacted with students in two hour session. Before starting meditation she shared valuable inputs and experiences with students for their development and to make them better citizen. She has explained the importance of Friendliness, Respect and Discipline to the students. During meditation, Ms. Varsha explained role of various power centers (chakras) in our body and their importance in management of body. She also explained need of balance among physical, mental and emotional body. She discussed the causes of various diseases and manner to heal them using routine meditation. At the end of session Professor Sandeep Singh presented a memento to the team members of foundation.

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