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    • August 11, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
    • Comments Off on CAREER OPTIONS AFTER BCA ? Complete Guide

    Information technology as a fast-growing subject has recorded the tremendous following in the last decade, and it has created several opportunities for the youth. The Indian I.T. industry today accounts for almost 35% of the total export done in India. Technology today plays a vital role in shaping a nation, as everything depends On the I.T. firms.

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    Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the most popular options to make a career in the information technology industry. It gives you an undergraduate academic degree in computer application. In today’s world, it is equivalent to the B.Tech/B.E. in Computer Science or Information technology degree. More than 1000 institutions provide BCA courses in India with an annual intake of more than 50,000 students. This program provides a sound academic base for an advanced career in computer application.

    This program demonstrates sound knowledge in critical areas of computer science or industrial computing. It also carries out the required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems, and computer applications.

    Career prospects:

    • After completing the program, a student should get an entry-level job in Information Technology or ITES.
    • BCA graduates can also start their careers as programmers and rise to that of senior programmers.
    • Software Development & Design in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Wipro, Infosys, etc.
    • System Administrator in big corporate companies like Citibank, HLL, P & G, etc.
    • Training & Development in companies like NIIT, Cisco, etc.


    Indeed, a BCA degree can take you places and give your career in the I.T. industry a good start. With a bachelor’s degree in computer applications, you can find a reasonably good job in the Information Technology industry. BCA holders get a job in I.T. segments like software Services, Business Process Management (BPM/BPO), engineering services, and computer hardware. You can apply to businesses involved in I.T. and ITES segments both in the private and public sectors. With your BCA certification, you’ll also be eligible to apply jobs to companies and organizations engaged in other commercial segments, including but not limited to banking, energy, telecommunications, and engineering. Since I.T. professionals are required for running the essential automation in almost all establishments, big or small, your chances of landing an entry-level position within a short period of completing your BCA are also very high.


    Additionally, get a master’s in computer application (MCA) degree or go for specialization in a computer language program like JAVA, ORACLE, or C++ while carrying on with your job. Your salary will receive a hike.

    Job opportunities after BCA

    1. Graphics
    2. Banks
    3. BPO
    4. Multimedia
    5. Faculty in training institutes and schools
    6. Electrical and Electronics OEM
    7. Financial Institutions
    8. Desktop Publishing
    9. Government Departments and Agencies
    10. Software Development
    11. System Maintenance
    12. Security and Surveillance
    13. Software Programming
    14. Game Design, Testing, and Development
    15. Mainframe
    16. Website Design

    Scope and future after finishing BCA:

    These days, BCA has been one of the most famous courses for students to choose after completing their 12th. Bachelor in computer application is perfect for someone interested in computers. Though most people, after completing BCA go for Masters in the same course, MCA, many also go for MBA. However, BCA alone is the right course, and one can end up being very successful after completing the course. BCA’s primary subject is computers; however, the method also includes other subjects like Mathematics, English, System Analysis, Database Management System, etc.

    There is no doubt that BCA is one of the best educational courses that one can go for, and there are ample opportunities for students to study BCA in the future. Someone who has studied BCA can join a software company or can also go for higher studies. In BCA, subjects that are included are almost similar to that of students pursuing B.Tech. In India and many other countries, MNCs are recruiting BCA graduates for their technical section.

    What course to choose after BCA?

    One of the most important decisions a student has to make after completing MCA is whether to go for MBA or MCA. Both the courses are very different, and MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration, whereas MCA stands for Masters in computer application. If you want to make a change and become an entrepreneur, then the MBA is the correct choice. However, if you are interested in programming and other computer-related tasks and want to pursue a career and any of these areas, then MCA is for you.

    Other courses which a BCA Degree holder can think about doing are:

    • Master’s Degree in Information Management 
    • Information Security Management
    • Masters in Computer Management (MCM)
    • Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies

    Though MCA or MBA are the courses that students generally decide to pursue after completing BCA, many are interested in studying short-term courses. The short-term terms which can be reviewed by BCA graduates air net, Java, MySQL, SAP, Oracle, V.B., and web development. These courses are perfect for someone willing to study and work at the same time. These courses are also suitable for someone who is not ready to spend a significant amount on higher studies yet want to have a better career. These courses are very affordable and have good job opportunities. 

    Salary of a BCA graduate!

    Armed and backed with your BCA degree, you can conveniently find a job in a reputed public or private sector with ease. Most organizations these days need software programmers and engineers, software developers, trouble-shooters, system analyzers, network designers, game developers and testers, webmasters, etc. It has become super easy to find a job as a software developer or programmer in a private enterprise on a starting salary of 18,000-20,000 (per month).

    Some companies recruit BCA graduates for Infosys, IBM, Microsoft, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HCL, Wipro, Accenture, Dell, and Satyam. Individuals who work in these organizations can expect an increment in their salary after working for a few years. These are the touch and reputed companies and will give an excellent start to anyone’s career.

    As far as the public sector is concerned, you will need to sit for a qualifying exam to land a job. Once you’re recruited, you’ll be offered a monthly salary of at least 25,000 INR and other perks and emoluments. Your salary will be upwardly revised every time you’re promoted or when a ‘pay commission’ recommends hikes in basic wages. This is an excellent sector for people who want to get a settled job and don’t want to explore other careers and sectors.

    When you’re recruited as a trainee in an organization, you’ll be offered not less than 10,000 monthly as a stipend. Once you’re through with the training, you’ll be at least getting between 25,000-32,000 INR. Some well-known companies are known to offer as much as 50,000 INR after completing the training period. The median salary that fresh BCA graduates receive is about 10,000-12,000 INR. An experienced BCA graduate gets around 18,000 per month. Employees in executive and managerial positions receive nearly 30,000 pm.