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  • Challenges for an Indian Female Enterpreneur

    • September 17, 2018
    • Posted By : Divya
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    Let’s talk business today. An entrepreneur is a term that I’m sure most of us are not able to pronounce correctly at the first try. Well, as fancy as it sounds, in general terms an entrepreneur is a person who builds a business. Now setting it up, running it, bearing all the gains and losses associated with that business also falls under the duties of an entrepreneur. Let’s all take a minute and think another word for an entrepreneur aka someone who owns a business. Now stop. I can bet that the majority of you thought about the word ‘Businessman’.

    Did you notice anything wrong with that answer? If you haven’t figured it out then I’ll help you. See there is no rule out there that states only a man can own a business right? So, why is ‘Businessman’ the most common synonym for an entrepreneur? No, it’s not one of those ‘figures of speech’ things as well. This is because men dominate the business industry by a huge percentage. This might not be any single person’s fault but that doesn’t mean that women are not facing a hard time in this line of work. A woman as an entrepreneur is something that a lot of people have not been able to wrap their minds around. Today, we’ll see a list of challenges an Indian female entrepreneur faces.


    Two – thirds of the Indian female population have their careers filed under Homemaker. Sounds shocking right? Especially in a country that is not lagging behind in any field of development. Well, as shocking as it sounds, it’s absolutely correct. The one thing that has kept millions of females pursuing their careers is the familial ties. Now, in no way am I saying that I am anti housewives, but I sure am pro career. In fact, this is one of the most prominent challenges a female entrepreneur faces. See what a person does with their career is their own personal choice. So, why should females be forced to not pursue their career as an entrepreneur just so she can be the perfect ‘Graha Lakshmi’?


    Remember when I said people cannot wrap their minds around females being entrepreneurs? This is where it comes in play. Now, society’s role can be tricky in not just business but any career a woman picks. India is a place where people celebrate stereotypes instead of opposing them. This leads to people setting up gender-specific roles for all the jobs out there. They label work as a man’s work and as a woman’s work. This is downright wrong as we are not supposed to judge a person eligibility for a job based on their gender. All of this mixed with the fact that owning a business is a man’s task according to our society, bring the last nail in the coffin made of issues a female has to deal with as an entrepreneur.


    Let’s talk about some facts again. Now more than 50% of India’s female population is still illiterate. This is because many people still live with the mindset that a girl’s education is not important. Business is an industry where you have to have a basic level of education to get your company off the ground. That and the fact that you don’t want someone to con you. Now you tell me, how can that be possible for females if they are not receiving the basic education needed? A lot of women have the street smarts but you need some book knowledge at the end of the day to be an entrepreneur.


    As I stated above, the business world is a heavily male-dominated industry. That leads to the men having a united front as well. You can easily spot out that a woman is never welcomed as an entrepreneur like a man is. A man’s capability to act and make business-related decisions are never judged as harshly as a woman’s decisions are. This is because of the biased thinking of people that women cannot be suitable entrepreneurs. The day this man domination goes down by even 50%, I’m sure the women of our countries will shine the brightest in any occupation there is including entrepreurship.

    So, let’s talk about what we can do in the current situation. The first thing we can do about these issues is throwing the prejudice teachings of our society from our minds. The females of our country have already had as hard as it gets. Why should we make it worse? Rest, I am sure with the speed of our country’s development and the females taking lead in several fields, equality in entrepreneurship will also prevail one day. Until then? Just try to support them the best you can because the woman who can manage a household all by herself can easily handle a business empire as well. We just have to give her a chance.