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  • Dos and Don’t in a resume

    • February 12, 2020
    • Posted By : Shivam Uniyal
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    Dos and Don’t in a resume

    Resume comes from French word ‘resume’ which means ‘To sum up’ . In simple terms resume is short document of 1 to 2 pages that gives your interviewer or future employer a brief history of your work. As it is said, “the first impression is the last impression” resume is first impression on the selection team. Therefore, it becomes very vital to explain all the detail in few words. Job selections also go through filtering of resume. So what can make your resume more fascinating and love at first sight material.

    Here are some rules to write a better resume :-

    1) Format : Use the latest format for the resume by looking at different types of resume through internet. Use bullets to brief the points.

    2) Font: Font Size and Font type matter a lot in a resume. There are different types of font and size suggested but font size from 10.5 to 12 points is considered the best and Font type is normally Times New Roman.

    3) Personal Details: Highlight Personal details at the top which includes name, email, phone number, date of birth, nationality and marital status in bullets.

    4) Photo: You can also attach your photograph at the top left corner of the resume and type personal details below that.

    5) Education: Under this heading brief your academic status in bullets. Write the highest degree first, it gives selection team to analyze the academic accomplishment easily.

    6) Languages : some jobs in multination companies require command on different foreign languages, so it would be great if one mentions the languages one had command on.

    7) Achievements : under this heading comes the awards or recognition own by a person.

    8) Interest : This is very important point as it reveals the opinion  of the applicant, so be specific.

    9) References : One can give references of previous work experience or recommendation  from the same.

    10) Objective : At last one can mention one’s objectives and expectation from one job.

    10 Mistakes while writing a resume:-

    1) Typos or Grammatical Errors : Your resume should be error free. Typos and grammatical errors are seriously taken and can decrease the credibility of the applicant.

    2) Incorrect contact information : there are many instances when tha applicants do not get call letter because of in appropriate address. Give your current address and details for easy correspondence.

    3) Highlight Duties instead of accomplishment : The employers expect to here what you can do for them besides your achievements.

    4) Be short and specific : Be precise and specific, use bullets or points.

    5) Don’t Leave Important details : Try to include all the relevant accomplishments particularly the one expected in the job.

    6) Multiple Fonts : Don’t write details in different fonts, it is not interesting rather it makes selection team difficult to understand details and increases their toil to figure out things.

    7) Bad objectives : Employers particularly  read your objectives so it can either make an impression or let you down in eyes of selection team. So, be careful while writing about your objectives.

    8) E-Mail Format : cross check in what format does the company accept the resume. Your applications can be rejected because the guidelines or instructions of the mode of sending resume are not checked.

    9) Be Brief : being brief is very significant as the selection doesn’t have much time to read long sentence as it tiresome and would require more time.

    10) Be Factually right : It is very important to factually correct because in the interview round many things are cross checked and fake information can be figured out there.

    Everybody aspires to get a good job, when it comes to private sector resume are highly regarded important. Particularly for the people who are applying for the job for the first time so it very important to build a good profile.

    Some ways to make a good profile is:-

    1) Internships :- internships  can help to build a good resume of the person. It not only is the proof that one has previous work experience but also reveals the proactive nature of the person.

    2) Multi-lingual:- For multinational companies to be multi-lingual is a very important asset and multination companies have to work with customer and firms all across globe.

    3) Awards:- One should participate in co-curricular activities during school and college days.

    4) Work With NGOs :- Work with NGOs can also add to the resume of the person. It shows that the person has leadership qualities and has teamwork spirit.

    5) Computer Skills:- skills on computer software like Tally are also asked in many companies.

    If these things are kept in mind a good resume can be built and the possibility of getting selected can increase. One has to keep faith on oneself and work hard to hon one’s skills. Hardwork is always paid therefore keep working hard. The harder you work the luckier you will become. Resume is the first impression on the selection team so be serious while making it.

    Good Luck