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  • Feminism: Good or Bad

    • March 14, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Being a feminist does not refer to the superiority of women. Being a feminist does not mean that we are against men, but that we can make the team. Being a feminist does not mean that we are better than others, but that we are capable more than you think. Being a feminist does not mean that we only love each other as women, but that we can love everyone. Therefore, being feminist is not bad.

    The lack of information and male domination have misused the meaning of the word ‘feminism.’ People fail to understand that it refers to gender equality, that all human beings can enjoy the same rights. Every woman can do what they want, have the same obligations, and dedicate themselves to what their passion directs them. Feminism leads to absolute equity, in which all of them are accepted as they are. It is equity in which we know that no one is worth more than anyone else over anything. Every woman should be feminists to love life, joy, and freedom equally.


    They all should be feminists because feminism does not repress because no one “keeps quiet looks prettier.” Also, with equity, every woman has the same opportunities. They care and sensitize everyone equally. Because with feminism, they can embrace and accept themselves; they do not discriminate, or they don’t attack any male for their benefits. Because feminism has not killed anyone while machismo does it every day, as well as misogyny. Feminism does not violate, does not hit, does not prohibit, does not stop. Feminism loves and lets love, feminism embraces and makes you live.


    1. To end the violence

    Thousands of women get harassed on public transport, at work, or on the street. The cases of rape increase without control and society blame women for the way they dress, act, or speak. They conclude women to be the main culprit without thinking that even if they walk in skimpy clothes through the streets at 2 am, they do not have to harass, rape, or kill us. Thousands of members of the LGBT + community are beaten and insulted as if they were not human as if love was a crime.


    1. To decide on our body

    No one but women can decide what to do with their bodies. People treat models as objects and not as professionals. Thousands of women get insulted in the streets. Even abortions are illegal in many parts of the world as if being raped and getting pregnant was normal. Still, many men take control during sex as if women were a toy and as if their pleasure did not matter. Thousands of children get subjected to sexual acts without having a little pity and awareness of the damage they do to them as if they were dolls without feelings. Each human being is free to decide about his body and what to do with it.


    3. To love freely

    Love is love. Currently, hundreds of people get discriminated against because of women’s sexual preferences. “Come on, act like a macho,” “soccer is not for women,” and thousands of phrases that make society continue to be macho, without having the courage to accept people as they are. Men don’t understand that women are the ones who are going to decide who to love, who to kiss. Women can choose what tastes to have and what color to wear. Women must be feminists because they still live in a world where it is pretty normal to say ‘homosexual’ to a man for loving another man, or to a ‘tomboy’ woman for loving another woman. Because it is frowned upon to see a man dressed in skirts and heels and a woman dressed in shorts and large shirts; because stereotypes are in order all the time.


    1. Because both men and women are the same

    We are all equal, and we are all human beings; with bones, muscles, brain, organs, legs, hands, hair, and heart: we are the same. Our tastes, our preferences, or our ideology is not what defines us; it is not what differentiates us from the rest. It is because ultimately, we are all the same: human. We all have equal rights; we walk the same streets; we all have dreams and feelings. Look at everyone around you, and they are just like you.


    1. International Women’s Day


    There is also an International Women’s Day because, in many cases, women are stop getting recognized for their qualities, professions, and achievements. It is because society thinks that they are the “weaker sex,” and they are identified only by the curves of their body. Because in many countries, such as Afghanistan, women are deprived of all kinds of rights; because only 20 percent of men collaborate in housework. There are still many illiterate women and girls; because society still sees lactation, female masturbation, and menstruation as taboo. People even do not accept that both sexes are worth the same, that even women deserve the same, and that they can do the same.