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  • First Semester VS Third Semester

    • January 14, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on First Semester VS Third Semester

    When you enter college, everything seems so new. You have this excitement, this zeal coming from inside you. Everything around you is totally new. So you start assuming for when you will make new friends, how will be the lecturers, how will be the college overall, will you best fit in, etc. there are loads of thoughts like these which revolve around our head when it comes to the starting days of college, that is first semester. You are new to the system, you have just came from the school life ad about to begin with a refreshing start. Each and every step is new in college life. At the starting you feel very excited, you enjoy making new friends, but as the time passes on all you focus is on one thing, that is that you have an amazing opportunity to bunk and so you start missing your lectures, every first semester student bunks for a while and later on realise the rule of 75% attendance, moreover when you come to a college you realise that every lecture is worth it, seriously each and every lecturer teaches with such a zeal and makes everyone understand he concepts thoroughly. As to they know how to do their jobs, it’s us whose laziness level reaches 99999 and we all start taking a holiday and enjoy sleeping at home. But then comes some of the things which are totally new to every first year student like you have to call your seniors as sir o mam, you give respect you take respect is the simple agenda in college life. Everything related to the college will be informed on the notice board and not will be announced like in the school times. When you come to college you don’t have to make a certain notebook for every subject just like we all had to do in our school life, in college life it’s up to you, for if you want to make a separate notebook you can, you don’t want to make a notebook, then don’t. In college life, every lecture is so strong that you should make notes for each subject and should do revise it as you get home, which nobody does and realizes later on when the exams are near or the exams have arrived or the exams are done. The biggest problem of each and every first year student is that he or she gets too much of excited to bunk, they start missing there lectures, they go to eating joints to taste the mouth watery dishes, or they prefer to go on long road trips, or trips, or etc. by which they get so much excited for being in college that they don’t even come to college cause now they have got a chance to bunk, which later on they realise that there is a rule of 75% attendance which your college does takes seriously. When you are in first year, no matter what but you will be distracted, I don’t know why, maybe it’s some kind of, ok I don’t know. But after knowing the criteria of the college, for example, the whole book will come in one semester, or your time table, the classes in which your lectures will be held in, or other co-curricular activities, you get used to it and realise the fact that you were dumb and silly at first but now you know how to handle yourself which is a big lie for many as to they still act like what are the subjects? Which books do we have to purchase, I need to order it and force the CR to get to know about the books? Like come on even the teachers don’t know that from which book they have to teach you this year, because books does changes so the teacher always confirms it and tells the whole class in a day or two.

    But comparing first semester with third semester brings out a big deal, as till now everybody has got the brain, they are aware of each and every fact about their college. So when you hit the third semester, you know that it takes a week to get back on schedule. You know for how are you gonna manage this semester, you stop bunking and start focusing on your studies as till now you have realised that your total percentage of all semesters should be good, because there is a minimum percentage requirement that every company demands to have.

    So after coming to the third semester, you start making notes every day, you revise the topics that have been taught the whole day and don’t get distracted with a ping on your cell phone cause up till now you have come to a point that the future is in your hands, if you want to make your career, you gotta work hard, smart. You need to understand the concepts, though marks doesn’t matters in every field but your capabilities does matters, if you aren’t aware of the facts and concepts and have done the ratification then what is the use of studying that you didn’t understood. Moreover when you hit the third semester, you realise that if you can’t understand a topic, then understand from the teacher or from a friend or etc. cause in the first year everyone is so embarrassed at asking questions, they literally feel like, “what if the lecturer said that it’s too silly to ask? Or what if the classmates laughed on me for don’t you even know this?” but when you come in third semester you don’t give a shit about all this piece of crap, if you have a doubt you don’t feel so shy, you just ask them, and each and every one respects it as you had the courage to ask your doubts. When you come in the third semester, you are used to the fact, that the whole book will come in this semester and it’s not a big deal but when you are in first semester, everybody acts like, “omg! The whole book is coming this semester, like dude have you seen the length of the book?” “of course I have seen the length of the book, as it’s in my hand and now I am gonna beat you till death with it so just the crap out” is what every third semester student’s mind like. As you get in third semester you get this maturity level and you get used to the college.

    The basic difference between a first semester student and a third semester student is that the first semester student is not aware of the facts ad rules of college life, everything seems so new and an excitement can be seen on his or her face, but when it comes to the third semester student, he or she aware of each and every corner of the college, he or she knows how about how to handle the whole semester and in reality they actually handle it like a pro.

    When you join a college you definitely are excited about the things that will happen. But later on you realise that its same like the school life it’s just that the studying hours are more longer, the uniform is not there ( though in some colleges there are uniforms ), and that you can leave whenever you wish to.