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  • Fitness at Work!

    • November 28, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    We are living in the time when work culture is sprouting rapidly in developing countries like India. Consequently, in corporate sectors, one has to spend long hours owing to workload and deadlines at hand. In order to cope with increasing work pressure on employees, many firms provide high perks and facilities like health facility, food allowances, play stations and Gyms at the workplace. The best example of health challenges at workplace is the danger of Karoshi. Karoshi is a very popular Japanese word which came forth with the increasing deaths due to overwork. Static on the swirl chair in the cubical for long hours, sitting in front of a sucking monitor with folds of projects at hand can cause great hazard if not fixed instantly.

    Do you feel overburdened in the job? Do you spend most of the time in front of cubical? Do you forget things very often? Can’t cope with it anymore? Then, you ought to fix your deteriorating health at the earliest by following certain rules.

    Rules to stay healthy in the job:-

    1) Morning: How do you begin your day? Under the panic of getting late to the office? Then, you should change your habits. It is well said, “Early to bed, early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Make sure you sleep at right time at night and get proper sleep. Wake up early and give some time to meditation with instrumental. Pray to God for a good day and check your office stuff with ease.

    2) Don’t Hurry: Great haste makes great waste. Don’t hurry to pack up your stuff and double check whether all the things are rightly placed or not.

    3) Don’t Miss Breakfast: Breakfast is made of two words break and fast which means it is a meal time when one breaks one’s night-long fast. Breakfast is like an energy booster. Having breakfast will make you more vigorous, active and consequently happy.

    4) Use special spectacles: Use special spectacles if you work long in front of the monitor and practice eyes exercises to keep your vision better.

    5)  Stretch your body: If you have been sitting for hours in cubicles, then, stretch your body time to time. Stretching restarts blood circulation in our body and recharges us in mundane situations.

    6) Be self-motivated: Self-motivation is the key to success in the corporate sector. Self-motivation is a perfume which eases everyone in it’s vicinity. Self-motivation is a catalyst in the job.

    7) Family Vs Work: Don’t carry the family burden to the office. Live in the moment and work hard for it.

    8) Repackage:  Many employees get bored during job because they have to do similar thing every day. The best solution of this is to work harder and look forward for further opportunities in the job. Growth eventually releases stress.

    9) Take Leave: Take a break if you feel ill or dull.  Don’t do work with the double mind. Be proud of yourself that you are one of the employees who is employed to do that task.

    10) Make Friends: What else can be better than having friends in your own office! Good friends can help in solving many official problems. But be wary of envy drove people.

    11) Thank God: Thank God to make you capable enough to do a job and get an earning. Thank him for a good day and wish him to keep you healthy.

    12) You are Hero: Always remember you are hero, that’s what is secret of your fitness. Never lose your sense of proud.

    13) Avoid: Avoid high alcohol consumption and fast food dependence.

    14) Meditation: After having supper, go to a silent room and sit silently for a while amid instrumental.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, similar is the case with anyone if one doesn’t give space to fitness habits during corporate life. Exercise is the key to happiness, give it a try and see the change. Unlike American obsessive and individualistic work culture and Japanese karoshi,, Indian work culture is a transformation in working at the workplace which focuses on health aspect equally. Once Arnab Goswami asked Dr. APJ AbdulKalam that do you get to rest? To which Dr. Kalam replied smiling, “ oh! Yes, I….What is rest, rest is to  do your work happily.”

    Health is wealth. Stay Healthy.

    Have a great time in the job.