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  • How to ace a campus placement interview

    • March 3, 2020
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    The final year of an engineering degree program is a challenging phase for all the students. Students are usually anxious for their final results and also find it challenging to prepare for a campus placement interview further. However, it is essential for the candidate to leave no stone unturned or not to repeat any mistakes in acing the campus placement interview. Along with the general instructions like dressing sense, attitude, comfortability and being confident while facing the panel of the interview, the article highlights important things to keep in mind during campus placement preparation respectively which makes your future best.

    How is a Campus Placement Interview Significant for students?

    A campus placement interview is significant for students in paving the way for their future career ahead. Students who are looking forward to seeking the best job immediately after their appropriate degree programs must actively prepare for a campus placement interview. Cracking the company interview is vital for an individual since it helps them in honing their skills sharply and building a fruitful career. No individual likes to lag behind their peers in campus placement interviews as far as possible. For this, they may showcase their abilities in any situation through a presentation, being eloquent in their interview, following a suitable dress code, their personality and do whatever possible from them. All these aspects have a significant impact on the candidate’s overall performance in a job interview, respectively.

    Some Points to check in a campus placement interview:

    Placement tips or some crucial points for acing placement interview help a fresher in having a good understanding of the whole interview process and being prepared beforehand. These tips will equip the candidates with the essential skills that they can use in a professional world effectively. They are not merely beneficial in preparing a candidate for the interview specifically, but also in bringing about a holistic change in a student’s personality afterwards and make their career secure for the future onwards.

    Along with all the relevant campus placement interview information given above, students may also go through the following points for better preparation onwards. There are many points to ace campus placement interview from which some of the best reasons are as follows:

    1. Plan your Introduction uniquely because the first impression lasts long.
    2. Good Command Over your favourite Subject Knowledge.
    3. Be Prepared for Questions according to your Future Plans.
    4. Be calm; stay positive always.
    5. Arrive at the venue before time.
    6. Prepare some Unique Questions to Ask Your Interviewer.
    7. Giving respect and maintaining Courtesy is Mandatory in front of the Interviewer.
    8. Plan your Introduction in a unique way

    The most-asked question in interviews usually includes “tell us about yourself” or “introduce yourself” or “can I know something about you”. Through this question, an interviewer expects a brief introduction from you guys which can give an insight into the candidate’s profile accordingly. It is good to be prepared with a well-structured and crisp introduction because it’s your base of the entire interview. After all, the first impression lasts long. The Introduction creates a perception of the student in the minds of the Interviewer, which may impact the questions ahead.

    • Good Command Over your favourite Subject Knowledge 

    A campus placement interview’s primary aim is to judge the candidate’s suitability for the job according to his knowledge. Interviewers are well aware that the candidate is a fresher in terms of industry or any organization experience, so the only parameter which makes you suitable is your Command over the specific subject knowledge. More than 70% of the interviewers ask questions based on your desired subjects which have been enlisted as your courses. If you perform well in those questions, half of the battle is already won for your career.

    • Be Prepared for Questions according to your Future Plans.

    While appearing for any campus placement interview, it u is advisable to be prepared with a layout of your plans. An interviewer might ask you a general question about your area of interest in the route chosen by you after graduation. Your first job will automatically set the pace for your ultimate career goal if you perform well and will help you in setting short-term goals also to achieve it. Being prepared for the question will give an edge to the interaction with the panel in the whole process.

    • Be calm; stay positive always.

    It is always essential to keep calm, especially in stressful situations. Keeping calm helps in maintaining a robust approach to the whole process. Staying positive also impacts positively on one’s performance in the interviews. Whether the panel agrees with your response answers or not, they are still evaluating the behavioural reflexes. Your reaction and facial expressions during the interview will affect the Interviewer’s impression. Employers are always on a lookout for team members who can stay optimistic and balanced in the whole process, no matter how adverse the circumstances turn at that time. The essential tips assist a fresher and grow them for campus placement interviews.

    • Arrive at the Venue before some time

    Students should essentially arrive at the interview venue at least before 20 minutes of the starting process of the interview. Apart from that, any Training and Placement officer or authority will not tell you to come early; you should assure yourself to do so as per your convenience.

    • Prepare Intelligent and Unique Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

    Last but not least, you should always prepare a few intelligent questions in advance to ask your Interviewer. For this, you should research the company where you are going for an interview, their employees and other essential aspects of the company in advance and put some unique questions in front of it, about which you are unable to find the accurate answer from your research.

    • Respect and Courtesy are Mandatory in front of Interviewer.

    Applicants should treat another person, whom they encounter while going for an interview with respect and courtesy. This is because; their opinions about applicants may leave to a great extent at the time of making hiring decisions for selecting the best candidates.

    How to overcome blues after your first interview?

    In this busy bee world of events, there will be most likely be a time when you will hear the rejections in job interviews. For some, handling rejection isn’t an issue, and for a few, it reassesses their whole being and self-worth. 

    The one mantra that you can keep in mind after your first rejection is “what is done is done, what is to be done is important.” The effects of your first rejection start to impact on your future interviews negatively. 

    Therefore, adopt a big picture mindset; the main thing is to focus on you and not the Interviewer and ultimately make the points on how to do it better next time. 

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    This article was updated on 3’May 2020.