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    • July 26, 2018
    • Posted By : admin

    Lakhs of students graduate every year, out of which, only a handful of them get a job. With the increasing unemployment rate, forget graduates, even students with MBA find it difficult to land themselves a job. While academic excellence does give you an extra edge, it is more than just your marks which will help you in securing a job. Read on to know the sure shot tips to get a job right after graduation.



    The course you choose sets the base for your career. Your area of work will be decided by the course you opt for. If you want to get into the private sector, go for professional courses right after 12th. You can do your graduation in : management, law, journalism or engineering. Don’t go for plain graduation if you wish to apply for jobs right after graduation. Students with professional degrees are always given preference.

    If you wish to apply in the public sector and want to become a government employee, go for traditional courses like B.Sc, BCOM and BA. These courses cover a wide area of concepts which prove to be beneficial while preparing for government exams. Also, since the courses are less demanding, you can join a coaching centre to prepare simultaneously for competitive exams.



    Did you know that college is more than just about making memories with friends? There is no doubt that your college life will be the best part of your entire life. You will learn a lot about life in general. But apart from that, if you keep an eye on the placement cell of your college, you might land up yourself a job. While almost every college has a placememt cell, not many of them are quite active. If you are in a well-known college and managed to maintain decent grades, congrats, your college will make sure you get a placement right through the placement cell. But if you are in a not-so-known college but managed to fair well in your studies, you still can get a job! Just maintain contact with the students associated with the placememt cell. Every college with a placement cell has a facebook page. Follow the updates of that page in the month of march and april. That is when the registration for the placement starts. They usually inform all the students via their social page only. So keep your eyes open and try to maintain a good percentile.



    Internships nowadays have become a necessity to build a good CV. Never did an internship? Sorry you are lagging far behind your college colleagues. Every student in their graduation should take up an internship. And not just for your CV, do an internship to find your area of interest. You might be good with words and want to become a well-established content writer. But what if you get a content writing job and you find out that you are not meant to be a content writer? Don’t get yourself stuck in a career which is not suitable for you. Do internships. If you have good communication skills, go for marketing jobs. If you find joy in playing with words, intern as a content writer. Students good with coding can go for software development internships and those with good speaking skills can work for youtube channels.

    To find internships, make your profile on websites like internshala. You don’t require any job experience, just the right skills will get you your dream internship. Also never work for free, unless you are working for a good cause like an NGO. You don’t want to spend hours of your precious college life doing work with no pay. Yes, work for exposure but if you can make a few bucks while working don’t give up that opportunity.



    Sometimes, being a good student is not all that matters. No matter how much the elders would like to differ, this is the truth. A student with good grades keeps struggling with interviews, while a not-so-good student gets a job via his contacts. Now you don’t have to go to every person to build your contacts. You just have to befriend your seniors, keep in touch with friends who are already working, and maintain a good rapport with companies you have interned with. In most of the cases, internships do turn into full-time jobs.



    Investments made in certificate courses never go waste. The skills you acquire during your certificate courses prove to be beneficial in the long run. A graduate with a certificate or two is always given preference. Choose a short-term course which goes along with your area of study. A student can do a course in  Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, NSE/BSE/NISM certification, SAP certification, Travel and Tourism certification or a foreign language course. There is no company which doesn’t give preference to a bilingual student. Knowing an extra language will only help you in your life.



    In India, no matter how much you earn or how successful you become in your career, you will always be suggested to prepare for government exams. The biggest reason for this obsession of elders with government jobs is the job security which comes with it. Also the tag of working for the government! But getting a government job is no cakewalk. Lakhs of students appear each year in various competitive exams but only a few of them manage to clear them. Every government exams has 3 stages : Preliminary Exam (General Paper), Mains Exam (Based on your area of study) and an Interview. Students spend years to crack a government exam. If you wish to be a government employee start preparing from the beginning of your graduation. Join a coaching and put a few hours of study everyday.



    There in not even one employer nowadays who is not on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site. It helps people to network professionally. You can find your colleagues, previous employers and many useful people on LinkedIn. When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn information is sent automatically to the employer hiring for the job post. You don’t have to change your resume or prepare extra documents. Your LinkedIn profile is always visible to all the employers and you never know when your contacts come to your rescue and you end up getting a job offer via LinkedIn.