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  • How to make your teacher happy?

    • July 16, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    1. Electronic gadgets: When you hit the college life, cell phones, mobile phones, are allowed. But just imagine yourself being as a teacher where you are giving your 100% effort to teach each and every student of the class thoroughly but the students siting there are only concerned with what’s going on under their desk, and that is cell phones.
      You have to admit, no matter what, such a lecture always comes where all you care about the damn notification light to hit on, on your mobile phone so that you could get to know for whether you got an Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, or WhatsApp notification. But that really pisses off. Every teacher was once a student too so she or he knows where all your concentration is going on, and that you only care to come to college cause of attendance which has become the harsh reality of the present era for most of the students.
    2. Sleep: You will see many students in your class, who are not at all interested in studying or are not well so basically what they do is, first they change their sitting posture than after few minutes they tilt their head a bit, and then they basically lie their head on table and act like they are still studying very seriously, and a time comes when they just doze off.
      Practically saying, when you are standing with your group of friends, and you are telling about something in which you are very good at, and at the same time, somebody yawns, somebody tends to sleep, somebody ignores you, how would you feel? So I guess you got my point. If you are not well then its fine, then even the lecturer understands, but even the teacher knows when you are messing around and trying to fool him/her around and when you are actually sick/ serious.
    3. Be helpful: Here helpful doesn’t mean to become the teacher’s chamcha/ chamchi, you can be helpful to a teacher in many ways. Like not creating chaos, or not giggling around during the lecture, being more attentive in the lecture, answering the questions of the teacher, etc…. cause these little things put a nice mark/ nice impression on the teacher.
    4. Answer: So basically if you are trying to make your teacher happy, just start being attentive in her/ his class and as every teacher randomly asks questions, start to answer those, to make assure her/ him that you are paying attention, because the students who generally answering his/ her questions are the ones who give the teachers a hope that your effort is not being wasted here, and that it is really helpful.
    5. Assignments: Well an assignment plays a major role when it comes to the bond between a teacher and a student. Whether you complete it a night before the submission or whether you have completed it on the day you got it, the thing that matters is that you submit it on time, and that your presentation skills are pretty good.
      Everyone knows that most of the students have copied the same from the geeky, or studious, or over smart student, but at the end you have to make sure that it doesn’t looks like that you have copied the same, because a teacher was also once a student, so she/ he knows these basic tactics and can cut your internal marks, which can be dangerous for your result.
    6. Chitter- chatter: Come on, it’s the most basic point that a teacher hates while someone is chatting in between her/ his lecture. When a teacher is teaching, he/ she gives his/ her full efforts to turn the tables, i.e. to make you understand and gain knowledge about the subject.
      How would you feel like, if you are talking to someone so enthusiastically, but he or she starts ignoring you and starts talking to someone else meanwhile you are conveying something?! Obviously that would make you feel embarrassed and bad. So don’t you think teachers feel the same, when you chitter chatter in between the lectures? So try to avoid the chit- chat and leave it for your free time, if you really want to make your teacher happy and get some good internal marks.
    7. Eating: There are many students, who eat their lunch in between the lectures, because it seems fun or maybe because they are really hungry, but most of the time it’s for fun.
      But the thing you forget is the smell, the fragrance of your food through which the teacher can caught you and sometimes she/ he does.
      Though it’s fun to chew food behind the back of the teacher, and act like you are the most studious kid in the whole class, as the teacher turns its front to you, but remember that teacher was also at your place once so don’t you mess up with him/ her. If you want to make your teacher happy, you have to be obedient, and pay attention to her or his lecture instead of paying attention to the lunch box.
    8. Jokes: There is always that one group in the class who messes up with the teacher, if you come into that category, beware of the teacher because he or she will haunt you at the times of internal marks. It’s good to have fun sometimes, but you also gotta be serious because you never know what’s going on inside of another person. Maybe your teacher had some family issues, or just came from a long exhausting meeting, or etc., it could be anything, and if you get mood swings even he or she does. So when your teacher is in a good mood only then try to bring on that jokey atmosphere, but not every time because a time comes when he she blasts on you and tells you get serious for your future.
    9. Free class/ bunk: When it comes to studying, most of the class is lazy, and insists to have a free lecture. It’s good to have a free lecture sometime, but not every day, if you keep on saying the same dialogue every day, he or she might get pissed and would lecture you on being serious for studies.
      Mass bunking is another way to piss off teacher, he or she is expecting to deliver you a lecture while the whole class is empty.
      Sometimes, even a teacher likes mass bunk or free class, because it gives her some time to relax, but of course if you will do that every day, what’s the even purpose of being her in the college, it can risk her job, and not just that but also her skills.
    10. Friend: Some students try to become friends with teacher, but until unless he or she is your teacher, that’s a risky little job, because it might make him or her happy but at some point he or she will show you that he or she is your teacher and you are the student. So just maintain a good bond of a teacher and student, but not more than that, ya its fine later though cause then they are cool with it too.

    A teacher is a human, a person too, and is allowed to breathe freely as much as you do. They have their lives too so let them give there 100% to their duties. And in the end, do not mess up with the teacher because they got your internal marks in hand.