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  • How to prepare for 3 hour interview

    • March 8, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    It seems that you did it. You created a good resume that caught the attention of the company in which you want to work, and now they want to know you better to be sure that you are the best candidate for the position. If you are about to carry out your first interview, it is normal that you are nervous and feel some concern about how to face a job interview.

    Preparing for your 3-hour job interview will help you to be much more relaxed, comfortable, and safe during it. It, in turn, will show the interviewer their security, preparation, and real motivation for the position to be filled. However, it is not an easy task, so here are some essential tips to successfully pass this stage.


    Check the time and place of your job interview in advance

    You must plan everything to get to the right place at the right time. Even better, if possible, arrive 15 minutes earlier than agreed, this will show your interest and punctuality. Locate the place where your job interview will take place and plan the time you will need to get to the interview place. Depending on the day of the week, if you go by car or bus and the time when you must travel since vehicle traffic increases at certain times.


    Don’t be late

    You should never be late for your job interview. Arriving late will not only give the recruiter a terrible first impression but will also increase the level of stress and tension before the job interview starts. For this reason, we advise you to arrive 15 minutes earlier, and in this way, you can adapt to the environment before your job interview.


    Know your resume

    You must know your resume by heart and remember to justify any points that you mention within it. Do not forget that it is also essential to keep in mind the contacts and the name of the person responsible for the jobs in which you have previously carried out. Read your resume one last time before heading to the interview.


    Choose the right wardrobe

    Common sense is essential at this point. If you want to work in the hospitality industry, you probably don’t need to show up in a suit and tie. If you’re going to work in a bank, a formal wardrobe is the most appropriate. Take care of your image, but do not seek to attract attention either. Companies know that the image of their employees is essential, and they are looking for something that pleases their market, not a person whose clothing does not match what customers expect to see. For many companies, the dress is essential. Even telemarketing companies require formal attire to create a professional work environment also though employees are never facing the public. After that, make sure the attire which you have chosen should be comfortable enough to sit for a 3-hour long job interview.


    Think about taking something to drink and eat

    Bring with you a bottle of water and something to eat, like Peanuts, almonds, etc. It is in case the waiting time is prolonged, and you have not eaten anything during the day or have anxiety. Keeping yourself full will help you to be energetic during a 3-hour long job interview.