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  • Importance of business analytics and Why MBA in Business Analytics is crucial for all Market Analysts

    • March 9, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Most engineering students completed graduation from colleges, and a want to pursue an MBA degree from a prestigious organization in India/abroad can add a lot of value to their resume effeciently. It is one of the best programs after completing Btech. An MBA degree program is considered to be one of the most desirable degrees after BBA. Various career options are springing forth for MBA graduate students. The graduates are offered good salary packages and relevant positions which not only garner financial security but also give them job satisfaction with good opportunities.

    The MBA program is designed in such a way that it assists graduates to handle a wide range of responsibilities and situations related to the business area. In one way, the MBA used to develops one’s in-depth knowledge by supplementing their management skills. It increases their career prospects field by making them suitable for all sectors respectively.

    It equips one with all required leadership qualities which help one in the corporate and industrial sector. Usually, MBA graduates get a better income than other postgraduates. They start from mid-level jobs and after that, have an added advantage from the beginning process.

    Business analytics is a process that provides the utilization of statistical techniques which include graphs, measures of central tendency, etc. It also includes managing information software systems like data mining and related sorting routines. The vertical mainly deals with the implementation of operations on research methodologies.

    The business sector pertains to visualizing, exploring, discovering and communicating patterns or trends in the datasets process.

    Why Business Analytics

    when we talking about the importance of business analytics, it can be defined as a procedure or system that starts with the gathering of business-related data set and comprises successive utilization of its predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive major analytic components. It helps in the decision-making process in business and upgrades its organizational performance relatively.

    MBA in Business Analytics gives a chance to explore its different frontiers for career advancement for prospects and development. Business analytics can also resolve specific areas problem which causes deterrents in the development of a venture process. The importance of business analytics is very significantly visible in organizational functions and fields. Analytics mainly help the association by guaranteeing information security enhancement, enhancing information accuracy, structuring the unstructured information process and ensuring the privacy of information respectively.

    Various Scope of MBA Program in Business Analytics

    Business analytics has a wide range of scope in application areas:

    1. It can be generally utilized for descriptive analysis in which information is mainly used to understand the past and present situation data.
    2. It is also utilized for predictive analysis, which is commonly used to examine the business execution process in the past.
    3. It is additionally utilized for the prescriptive examination process also, which is used in defining advancement systems for stronger and stronger business execution.


    Business Analytics finds relevance in every industry area since it provides a real-time solution to problems related to the world. This field is of great importance and is a take-off platform for a dream career for you. With the entrance and advent of the internet in every field, data analytics has become a base that quickens the pace of the development process in each business and industry area.

    Now that you are aware all about the importance of the business analytics field and its related application used in business functions, let us explore how an MBA in the field increases the chances of a better future career to make secure.

    Eligibility for MBA in Business Analytics Program

    Any candidate who has completed a bachelor’s degree with good marks in any discipline is eligible for Any University’s MBA in Business Analytics program. National students are also required to additionally qualify entrance exam for the SUAT, MAT or CAT/XAT test.

    The time duration of the course is 2 years. Considering the high demand for business analytics program professionals in the market, only a few good organizations provide a sound education in this particular domain to students. A well organized University is a great choice for this program as it imparts relevant skills, excellent knowledge, and ability, which is required by market analysts. You can apply to your dream university to look for brilliant career prospects in the respective program.

    Career Options after MBA program in Business Analytics

    Reputed organizations or universities offer jobs to market analysts basis on their relevant knowledge, aptitude and overall experience. After completing an MBA in Business Analytics, one can also easily land a job as:

    • Business Analyst Project Manager
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Predictive Modeller
    • Qualitative Analyst
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Technical Team Leader
    • Data Analyst SAS Programmer
    • Big Data Analyst
    • Data
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Analyst Industry Expert
    • Warehousing Expert
    • Business Intelligence Expert
    • Data Warehousing and BA Architecture
    • Data Mining Expert

    Top Recruiters – MBA program in Business Analytics

    In each industry area, there is a huge scope for students who have completed their MBA program degree and gained enough skills. MBA in Business Analytics degree program is in great demand now, and some of the renowned brands which are keen on employing business analytics experts which are:

    • Boston Consulting Group
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Microsoft
    • KPMG
    • Wipro
    • Infosys
    • Adani Group
    • Larsen and Toubro (L&T)
    • Tata Group
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • McKinsey and Company
    • American Express
    • Capital IQ

    Hence, a degree in MBA program Business Analytics opens up frontiers of a bright future for students with a better career prospective.


    After analyzing all about the Importance of business analytics and Why MBA in Business Analytics is crucial for all Market Analysts reach on the conclusion that always choose those career options which are in your specific area of interest and take your future in a new direction relatively.