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  • Importance of Managerial Soft Skills Development Subject in BBA

    • January 21, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on Importance of Managerial Soft Skills Development Subject in BBA

    This article was updated on 2 June 2020.

    There is a subject called “Managerial Soft Skills Development” in the second semester of BBA, i.e., Bachelors of Business Administration. The big question is what this subject is all about, and how is this subject related to BBA.

    So let’s find out about managerial soft skills development.

    What is Managerial Soft Skills Development?

    What does managerial mean? It is the first question that occurs in mind, when you hear out the subject’s name, i.e. Managerial Soft Skills Development. Managerial means managers or management. So the management’s soft skills development. This subject is all about the development of managers or management so that the organization could achieve success in the near future.

    This subject focuses on how to become good managers. There is a thing that has occurred in everyone’s mind or would have popped up that “to become a good manager”, you see wherever you work, you are considered as a manager, as in a true sense a manager means to manage things and if you are working in an organization or in any kind of an enterprise or a business administration you are considered as a manager. So one should always become a good manager.

    But how to become a good manager, comes out to be another question.

    How one can become a good manager?

    Take a look at these points-

    Stay Positive:

    Positivity is the first thing that one looks in a manager. He or she should always give an answer in a positive way so that one must or should get the positive vibes to form you and feel free to share things with you or excel in his or her work as you behaved very nicely.

    Sometimes when someone yells at you, your whole mood gets spoiled up and you end up in a rude, attitude or behavior, but on the other hand, if someone treats you like donuts, i.e. heaven then you easily understand and cooperate and moreover give your best to the organization, so having a positive attitude is a nice quality a good manager should have. And I am not saying that stay positive every minute every second, because it’s difficult, you yourself must be having a lot of life problems, but all I am saying is one must think optimistic so that the result ends up into success and you yourself feel amazing and relieved.

    A Good Listener:

    A manager should always be a good listener, these days some have a lot of friends but no one close enough with whom he or she could talk through it, if a worker is facing a problem, you must hear him or her out and help them or give them a particular solution which could help them out. This will definitely make you an amazing and good manager. Because these days nobody listens, everybody speaks and go on and on and on, but don’t listen to others point of view.

    Even in professional life, just for an instance, if you are in a meeting full of people, and your boss hands you over a project, actually to your whole team, if you yourself start making the whole project and ignore others then you what is the use of teamwork, but if you listen to others too instead of shushing them then you never know if someone had an amazing idea which would turn out to be better than yours, and the project turns the tables around and makes out an excellent job and an amazing deal out of it.

    Smartly Dressed:

    I know that it’s the personality that matters and not the way you dress, but in the Professional World your appearance does matter. So do dress nicely so that you may leave a nice impact or a nice impression in front of others. Always wear a dazzling smile on your face and make a stunning performance so that everyone would love you from your outside looks too.

    Plus, when you yourself see a smartly dressed person you get a lot of pop up messages in your mind/ brain thinking of a man he or she looks dashing or fantabulous. So do dress well and look marvelous, I know the thinking and the way of your perfection is what it matters, but dressing up nicely makes a nice impact and puts a nice impression of you in your office, or in the business world.


    Always stay confident enough, if you are new to something be honest and confident and figure out how to tackle that thing out, be honest, and ask your senior to help you regarding it. These days kids go overconfident, make sure you don’t. These days everyone has this feeling that oh come on its so easy I can easily nail it, but when it comes to “doing” they are the ones who are like “oh, crap!” So first do it and then say it, instead of saying it and later on unable to do it, I know it’s good to challenge but don’t challenge the things that later on bite you into the ass.

    More about Managerial Soft Skills Development

    Managerial and soft skills also deal with personality and soft skills, that how one should be from the inside. These days everyone wants to look good and give a stunning performance but looks are not all that matters. It does matters but the most that matter is how nice you are from the inside, just for example if you look enormously gorgeous or handsome from the outside and dress so amazingly well, but from the inside, you are a mean little thing, then what’s the use of that outside stunning looks? Because in the end people are attracted to you by your inner side.

    If someone likes you for how you look then I don’t think they like you, I think they just like good looks nothing else. So being good from heart, being good in nature, being good from personality is something one should consider more. So being nice from the personality and soft skills will matter more than the way you look.

    For instance, there would be a moment in your life when you would have heard from someone, that a person was talking about how nice of a person you are, and there you go all blushy, and feel like oh my, talk more, or keep talking. I don’t know how but I think there is a button in everybody which is on an automatic mode and gets on as somebody starts talking about their good habits and they go all blush blush blush and say “oh, stop it you!” but actually in mind “keep talking, or say more”. So you see personality does leave an amazing impression and impact on the other and touches his or her heart with your goodness, kindness, or badness or evilness. So stay pure from the heart, be a nice person.

    So you see managerial and soft skills is an important subject being taught in BBA. It itself is a pillar to BBA, it helps to shape a student in a good manager and into a wonderful person. It works on the behavior and about how one should handle himself or herself at the workplace, because in a business organization they want employees or managers working at there level best, to its perfection.