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  • Important Things Every Graduating Marketing Student should know: Part 2

    • January 21, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    Marketing is not just about branding or awareness but  making money as well:

    Such days gone for the marketing department for happy messages and to Sales for revenue — today, the two must work together completely .

    We keep talking about how everything you do should benefit your company, but have not  said what that benefit is. The benefit is simple which is revenue and What is the return on investment of that email send ? tweet? press release? Each of these efforts should be positioned to represent your company culture, but they need to fit into the sales cycle. Monetary value is there.

    Marketing does not have to be evil:

    The negative connotation surrounding  marketer, public relations professional, etc. is pretty pervasive. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to act out these stereotypes. Do not lose your morals and ethics when you graduate . they need to be omnipresent in your marketing career.

    Marketing is more than big brands and agencies:

    It is actual and well said and when  you can work at a marketing agency, you could work for a big brand like Nissan or Pepsi. Options are a lot .When we talk about working in-house at technology company or  A small business or  A hospital or  Just because your professors only talk about the campaigns big brands have executed, it does not  mean those are the only marketing jobs out there.

    Marketing is a balance of art, science, and tech:

    Many marketing curriculum focus on the art. You design advertising campaigns, brainstorm billboards, and storyboard commercials for companies. Now a days  marketing is critical in visualizing calls-to-actions, writing landing page copy, and launching products.

    All above, marketing is more than that .The importance of a data-driven mentality in point one. Beyond that, you need to embrace the infusion of technology in marketing.

    Technology offers marketing fresh and more efficient routes to market, along with exciting prospects such as the capability for personalized, one-to-one marketing at scale. On the other hand, the marketing department is having to learn new skills, take on responsibilities and build other relationships within the organization.


    Being afraid is not wrong:

    if you ever get to that point, it’s too late. If you emerging an  idea or opinion on something being discussed at an internship or on at your first job. Experience  always helps create proper judgment, not ideas. The person who is  capable of thinking of the next big thing, it is  just a matter of not being afraid to share it.

    Make hard skin:

    As a marketer, who is doing marketing  have to deal with complaining customers, social media bashes, unresponsive sales reps, frustrating clients etc and through it, all you have to answer and let them feel like they are always right.

    If you get too emotional over how people treat you, you won’t last in the business.Take all negative feedback as constructive criticism, and spin it into something positive.

    Make yourself own best case study:

    Prove your skills by marketing  yourself. So, do not wait for someone else to give you the opportunity. There is a number of ways to complete  this:

    • Write content – write  your own blog or for an existing blog  its demonstrating your knowledge and writing ability to prove.
    • Build your social media reach and Start conversations on Twitter or leverage LinkedIn to connect with other professionals for getting maximum reach.

    Demonstrate your passion for marketing by properly marketing yourself. If you can not market yourself, how you are going to make buzz.

    Never burn your bridges:

    You never know where people may end up. In fact, last year I received a LinkedIn message from a young man who was not the nicest to me in high school. All of a sudden he was a total sweetheart and asking for a job referral . You can imagine my response was, well, nonexistent.

    Network with everyone: 

    Make Network that is the key. But the important aspect of networking is doing it with everyone. Decision like if you want to work at some X company, than do not only find ways to talk to people from  that X company. Maybe that random stranger in the corner from Y company will one day be an employee at XX company, and then you will be fired, you missed the opportunity to tell that person why you rock.

    Thing is that , you never know who could end up helping you out the future. Get to know as many people as you can.


    Get familiar with HTML and CSS.

    You don’t need to be a full-on engineer, but you do need to understand the basics. What happens when your web designer goes on vacation? What happens when you need to make a quick fix on your website? Or even just need to talk to your web designer?

    You don’t want to sound like a complete doh-doh head. Understand how coding works and be prepared to make little tweaks. If you end up in a product marketing role, this will be even more critical.

    Understand the difference between B2B and B2C:

    I’m surprised I was never exposed to such basic acronyms at school, but most businesses are classified this way. B2B  is business-to-business. B2C is  business-to-consumer. Look up the difference, it will teach you a lot about different forms of marketing, and possibly where you want to work one day.