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  • International Webinar on Role and Impact of Mass Media and Social Media in our Locked down Lives

    • May 1, 2020
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    SMS IQAC School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organized International Webinar on “Role and Impact of Mass Media and Social Media in our Locked down lives” on April 30, 2020 from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM. The key resource person for this workshop was Amb. Ashok Sajjanhar Indian Foreign Service. Prof. Anurag Dave H.O.D Department of Journalism, Banaras Hindu University. Prof. Atish Parashar Dean, School of Media and Aesthetics, Bodh Gaya. Prof. Alok Kumar Dean FMS, GNS University Rohatas. Mr. Anirvan Banerjee Senior Manager, CFO Enterprise Value, Accenture, London, UK. Mr. Bhargava Rani City University of New York United States. And Mr. Amit Singh Human Right Researcher, Lisbon, Portugal.

    The key discussion in this workshop revolved around Social Media and Mass media impact on individual lives. The planet is facing a daunting challenge that only a few short weeks ago, none of them would have dreamed imaginable. Times are frightening and unpredictable, but one of the good aspects that have arisen from this so far has been the desire and willingness of peoples to come together and support each other. We ‘re all told we ‘re living busy, selfish, and broken lives, but the way individuals and companies stepped up to support their communities wasn’t fantastic short. Social media played a huge part in that. We’ve seen it before in other dire situations but can’t and shouldn’t, underestimate its ability to keep us all connected. The lockdown has created a new period of forced isolation, and there is a real possibility of that becoming a strain on our mental health. Our interacting, mixing, and socializing options have been taken away.

    Social networking and sensors that communicate with online networks have the potential to change the way the environmental sector and all the stakeholders involved — public, business, and government — interact, exchange knowledge, and make decisions. Social media fosters public reach, allowing members to influence environmental-sector shifts on every issue from moving away from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy or changing the dynamics of current climate change conversations. Another significant phenomenon is that social media has the potential to affect the circular economy, a term that goes beyond biomimicry to recognize ways in which our physical and material properties can be manipulated.

    Earlier, the director of the institute Prof. P.N. Jha welcomed the resource persons and the participants, highlighted the importance of the mass media and social media in the today’s society during lockdown. This session was coordinated by Dr. Gaurav Shah Assistant Professor School of Management Sciences Varanasi.