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Journal Publication Policy and Procedures

(Applicable to all the journals being published by SMS Varanasi)


Unless and until specified, all journals would be published twice a year, preferably by the mid and end of the year.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board would comprise of an Editor-in-Chief, preferably Director of the Institute accompanied by a team of senior faculty members at different positions in the Board. Flexibility exists to include some renowned academicians from outside who have established their credentials in journal publication elsewhere. Such persons could be from abroad too and their services might be utilized from time to time for reviewing the received papers.

Advisory Board

It may comprise of Senior, renowned professionals from academia/research organisations and industry (both India and abroad) who could be the guiding force in shaping and reshaping the journals approach temporally. Not less than ten such members should decorate the advisory board of each journal. Members may be common across the different boards of the journal but efforts should be made to pursue such members who belong to that specific area which is covered by that particular journal. All such approaches and approvals should be enrooted through the Editor-in-Chief.

Review Mechanism

The papers received have to undergo a review mechanism, mostly through the peer review committee formed by the Editor-in-Chief for all the journals. Additionally, a second review may be sought by the outside experts present in the Editorial/Advisory Boards and then any action may be taken. Peer & Blind review mechanism should be the standard one opted for each such publication. The review should be done as per the paper receipt dates.

Printing Mechanism

The journals printing may be done by a press locally located or in the manageable vicinity of the Institution. The printing press should have the upgraded machines for doing the same. The soft copies of all such papers to be published may be provided by the Editorial Board to the printing center through either Email or through CD/DVD/PD. The print proof would be provided twice by the press before final printing is done. The paper quality would be such so as to make the journal preservable for a long time as journals carry a lot of shelf value.

Online Presence

Owing to increasing necessity of online content, it becomes imperative for the Institution to have its journals to be present in the online mode through different platforms. International Indexing processes should be opted for and efforts should be made to maintain all paper publication procedures online. It would be apart from the print procedures mentioned above. However, contents of each issue may be made available on SMS Website. Each journal should incorporate other aspects of digitalization.

Call for Papers

The publication material could encompass a variety within the limits of the scope of the concerned journal. Efforts should be made to include at least 1-2 international papers in each issue. All journals could invite not only empirical study papers but also other dimensions of qualitative and quantitative research material, book reviews, case studies, content analysis, contemporary articles and the like subject to review mechanism as mentioned elsewhere. Number of papers covered in each issue could range from 8 to 12 depending upon the available contents. The author(s) need to submit two copies of manuscript on A4 size bond paper typed in double space and should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief of the respective journals. A copy should also be emailed. Author(s) details should be on a separate sheet and not anywhere on the paper. Necessary Amendments may be made by the Editorial Board where found necessary. Merely sending manuscript(s) does not guarantee a journal space.

Authors’ Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the author(s) to send original materials for publication with a note to this effect and duly signed. Absence of the same would entail rejection without any notice to the author(s). Correspondence would be made with the first author (Valid Email address necessary).

Other Pre-and post-publication Procedures

The received publication manuscripts must be checked for plagiarism through standard defined mechanisms. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any such manuscript found very high on plagiarism (to the extent of 35% and above). Such author(s) may be black-listed for future. Two print copies would be sent to all authors (First and subsequent) by Courier/Speed Post. Additional copies, if required will be charged for as per the existing rates including postal charges.

Subscription and Marketing

A separate subscription and marketing Cell under the stewardship of the Editor-in-Chief should be formed for all the journals. It would be expected that a decent subscription base (personal/institutional) be formed so as to meet the journals printing cost of each issue. Exchange of journals too should be done with all quality Institutions publishing quality journals from India and abroad. Such subscription bases should be incremental year-on-year to be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief along with the responsible members of this specific cell. The subscription rates may be revised from time to time, if required.

Addendum 2016

A separate page requiring Declaration by the Author(s) in terms of originality and exclusivity of the sent paper be placed on SMS website which needs to be filled-up and either sent by email or post to the Editor-in-Chief has been made mandatory. Also, MRI Publications, Lucknow has been authorized (through MoU) to take care of the online hosting of all journals apart from other digital services like DOI. The Indexing has been done by CrossRef, PKP, J-Gate and Google scholar. The SPOC for this hosting is Dr. Pradeep Tiwari. For INFLIBNET hosting Dr. Abhishek Srivastava is the SPOC for the journals enlisted here.


Also, the Publications have their ISSN/E-ISSN as follows:
Management Insight (0973 936X / 2456 0936)
Purushartha (0975 024X / 2456 1371)
Computing Trendz (2230 9152 / 2456 138X)
SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2349 7920 / Awaited)