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  • Life Experiences You Learn After Living Alone

    • October 30, 2018
    • Posted By : Divya
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    • Experience Independent Life Living Alone Lonely Teenager

    Today we’ll tackle a topic that goes unnoticed by many. Compared to other countries out there, Indian kids don’t follow the ritual of leaving their homes after finishing their schooling that often. But all in all, we do have to let go at some point and start the daunting process of living alone and making a life for ourselves on our own.

    Now, I don’t know about all of you but this has been a concept that has been difficult to deal with for many as its a very unfamiliar and overwhelming territory. Leaving the house that you have grown up in and moving to a new place is definitely not an easy task. Of course, all of your experiences will differ according to your personal circumstances and life dealings. So, today we will talk about some life experiences that you might acquire after living alone.

    5. You Have to Own Up (No Matter What)

    Let’s get right into it and start with something that a lot of you might not like to experience. In simpler words, while living alone you don’t have the luxury of being dependent on anyone else for your basic amenities. May it be cleaning your room, doing your laundry, cooking your food, or even a small thing like waking up without having a human alarm; you have to get it done on your own. For all of you shaking out there with worry after listening to this. Remember, its just a case of finding the right balance, and you’ll have a function routine in no time at all.

    4. Another Bill Rolls Up (Before You Pay The Previous One)

    This is a factor that can vary in every individual’s situation. There are some people out there who obtain financial aid from there parents even after they have moved out of their house. On the other hand, there are people who are stuck paying their bills all on their own. This can be one of the most crucial negatives of being on your own. It can be anything from the water bill to the pizza you got delivered; the responsibility of paying for it is on you (with or without any financial help).

    3. Gone Are The Days of Being Rigid

    Remember how most of you have given your parents a hard time when it came to agreeing with their decision about anything. May it be what clothes to wear or what to eat for dinner, you have always had the liberty of having an alternative. You could always fall back on your parents if you didn’t like something or needed a new version of anything in your life. Well, it doesn’t exactly work like that when you live alone. You have to make compromises on each and every step as there is no one to get you exactly what you want. Just remember, the more you learn to adjust the more you grow.

    2. Being Alone and Being Lonely Is Not The Same Anymore

    Remember how special it used to be when your parents went someplace and left you all by yourself? Well, that feeling is not so special anymore as its a part of your life now. You won’t equate being alone in the house to being lonely. This will happen as you’ll see the stark difference between the two concepts. But for all of those who do actually feel lonely; cherish the quiet and use this time alone to explore yourself. I can promise you one thing. You will be surprised to see how much you don’t know about yourself only when you catch a minute to actually figure out who you are.

    1. Independence Is Not Bad After All

    We have seen some of the difficulties that you may face in the initial moments of living alone. Now, let’s talk about how your feelings might change after you have had some time to settle down. We discussed how independence can be a curse when you’re actually in the beginner’s phase. This is because most of you don’t know how to tackle the responsibilities that come with living alone. But I can assure you one thing that it is not all bad after all. Once you fine-tune your routine and find the right balance between work and personal time; you really can have the best time of your life.

    So that was the list guys. I tried to stick to the generic experiences so everyone reading this piece could relate to it. Living alone is not necessarily an experience filled with difficulties. It is just a phase that prepares you for your upcoming future. Now, I want all of you to always remember that it won’t always be an easy road. But trust me when I say that it will surely lead you to your destined path in life (or at least push you towards it).