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    • January 5, 2019
    • Posted By : admin



    Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a three-year (six semesters) professional Master’s Degree in computer science awarded in India. The course was designed to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. It is a postgraduate course that can be taken up after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. The MCA programme is inclined more toward Application Development and thus has more emphasis on the latest programming language and tools to develop better and faster applications.

    Typically, an MCA is a full-time degree course with a duration of three years (six semesters). It covers various aspects of computational theory, programming, algorithm design and optimization, network and database management, mobile technologies, electronics, mathematics, probability, statistics, accounting, finance, etc. Some institutes provide six years (eleven semesters and six months On Job Training) integrated MCA.

    As the IT and the software industry are dynamic and fast growing, all the programmes are designed keeping in view the requirements of the industry. The programmes aim at the understanding of the fundamentals of computing among the students so that they can compete in the present-day global situation. The MCA programme is inclined more toward Application Development and thus has more emphasis on the latest programming language and tools to develop better and faster applications.

    The MCA program prepares students to take up positions as system analysts, systems designers, Programmers and managers in any field related to information technology. The program, therefore, aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice. The MCA students are encouraged to spend a full semester working in the industry in the institute giving them insight into the workings of the IT world.

    How is freelancing a good option after MCA?

    The top industries for freelance jobs are education, writing, translation, graphic design, consulting, computer and IT, accounting and finance, web development, entertainment, healthcare, and sales and marketing. Of course, this list includes long-time freelance favorites like writing and graphic design, but industries with less history in freelancing like education and healthcare also dominating the job market.

    Freelancing after MCA degree is the right decision.one thing that you should know is that freelancing is a virtual journey in which you are going to enjoy all the hard work you do, as it does not bind you to a fixed time or a fixed cabin you do it from your home with all the comfort. In his journey, you can do all the things that you dreamed for yourself as the terms of freelancing itself is self-employment.

    Any individual that works for himself/herself without being committed with a fixed monthly salary from an employer is called a freelancer. Freelancers earn money according to their contract terms for a project an how well they perform. The contract is an agreement between the client and the freelancer, it can be by using verbal commitments, written or electronically.

    The contract is a bridge between the client and the freelancer. If they provide high-quality work and provide the client will full support and make changes according to their suggestions they will be highly demanded and will be provided with good pay. It is very important to be dedicated and honest, professionally and deal with clients without cheating them. The same rule is applied to the clients they should have faith in your work and should trust you as freelancing works on a good relationship with clients.

    Your work may vary from what the demand of one client to the other, basic work may include building a 5-page website, logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc. in a $300 budget within 3 weeks, pay may also vary from client to client or on the basis of the work. Clients can hire a freelancer in fixed price or hourly or weekly according to the demands of the work. Then he/she can post a project or job on freelancing platforms example Upwork, FormerlyElance-O Desk they are a global freelancing platform where you businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

    Interested freelancers may submit their proposals for projects. After receiving a job proposal clients can discuss the project details with the selected freelancer. If clients are impressed by the freelancer in terms of quality, commitments, suggestions, timings, price, and experience then he/she can be hired for the work. The quality of work and professionalism between the client and the freelancer are the key to a successful result.

    If you have the skills and you want to start your career as freelancing after MCA degree and you want to do this virtually working from home, or anywhere by using your laptop/internet the Upwork is the best online job marketplace for you to find a suitable job where you can meet new clients and earn well. Upwork is a leader in this marketplace and have all the quality features that are required for the virtual workforce. According to our experience, it is easy if you follow the suggestions and guidelines provided by Upwork or freelancers.

    We all know that in India it is hard to explain to people what freelancing is like it is not a widely used term here yet, but with the changing nature of jobs and industries freelancing is becoming a widely appreciated job but still, people face a lot of hardships while looking for a job in freelancing. We know that our Indian education system is based on theoretical practices other than problem-solving. We will not explore a lot of problems here because we all are very well aware of them. We can together change the mindset of society by making people realize how rapidly the nature of jobs is changing and a job in freelancing is not a bad option, after all, it is an easier job than the usual ones, but to change the system or to change the world we need three things- money, knowledge, and power. The development of people is the development of our country. Governments are doing what they are capable to do and we need to do what we are capable of.

    1. Sign up and create a profile on Upwork: write down your qualifications and things that you are best at. Don’t give out contact numbers, share your skills in a paragraph or two, mention your expertise and experience. Set the price and take a test related to the expertise. Add some sample work in the portfolio, you can also link your social media handles. Keep making changes on your profile until you are satisfied to keep a regular check on the profile. Integrate your bank account for direct money transfer.
    2. Start applying as soon as you create a profile: after you complete your Upwork profile and you are a 100% satisfied with it then start applying for the jobs, select the jobs based on your skills not based on higher prices. Apply for the jobs you are confident about. If you are a PHP developer then you can only apply for jobs related to PHP and not jobs for logo design. Or if you have a degree in graphic designing or logo then don’t go for PHP jobs or marketing basically stick with what your expertise in, as after completion of jobs or projects clients give feedback which may be impactful on your next job.