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  • Everything About Journalism and Mass Communication

    • April 6, 2018
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    Everything About Journalism and Mass Communication

    Everything About Journalism and Mass Communication at SMS Varanasi blog

    Mass Communication, as the word suggests is an easy term meaning, use of media to communicate with a large population at a time. Media can consist of anything, your daily conversation, your writing abilities, audio and video, Television and movies, yes any medium that gives a large message to the community through media is mass communication. The history of mass communication started through the art and manuscripts in the pre-historic times.

    But as everything has evolved and is changing at a rapid pace, with the advancement in technology and the evolving generation the media and the mediums of communication has changed rapidly from letters to radio in the early 90s to emails and telephones in 20s and now messaging and video calls in 21st century, media worldwide has seen a rapid growth .This field lets you use your skills and creative ideas. It is a good field for students who want to show their creativity and want to influence people.


    You can apply in any college for an undergraduate course in mass communication after completing your 12th standard. Admission procedure might vary from college to college some colleges require an entrance exam like MU-OET and SET etc.

    For postgraduate courses, the candidate should be below 30 years of age and should have completed Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Some colleges look for work experience and some for an entrance exam like IIMC, IPU CET etc.


    This is another question that is frequently asked by the students, most students are never clear about which of the two are relevant for them as both the course can look alike but they do have some major difference.

    Mass communication is basically used to distribute information to the masses at local, national and international levels. They help to make people aware about various things going on across the globe. They try to get the best and the most relevant topics for the youth to make them aware. On the other hand, journalism is more concerned with giving meaningful information to the people in general.The approach of journalism is more predictable and emphasizes information and facts.

    Even though we cannot see a clear-cut difference between journalism and mass communication, but journalism reports the news in different mediums like newspaper, television or magazines, while mass communication is encompassed to the radio, graphics, films, television, online media, documentaries etc.


    • Advertising

    Advertising is basically related to endorsing or selling a product through media. For example, you might see an ad for a product which you’ve never heard about but they try to sell that product to you by telling you the benefits etc. You may see several Tv ads which promote some of the other brand or product.

    With time Digital platforms of the world have evolved a lot and advertising has changed in many ways, yet Tv is seen to be the most invested medium to promote or endorse a product. Several new platforms of mass communication have evolved with time like short stories, blogs, videos etc. only with the help of social media endorsing has become an easy task.

    • Broadcasting

    Another major field to choose under mass communication is broadcasting, this is a wide field and provides an individual with loads of career opportunities. The television, films and the radio all come under this field. Whether it’s your favorite cartoon tom and jerry, reality shows Indian Idol, movie lagan or your daily dose of music 93.5 Red FM, all of it comes under Broadcasting. A single source is used to broadcast all these messages on a communication medium to reach masses. You either be an actor, comedian, RJ/VJ or a singer all comes under broadcasting.

    • Journalism

    Journalism involves gathering, editing, verifying and presenting news from across the world, of various incidents happening at different places.

    In the last 10 years, we have seen that journalism has gone through a lot of change. Today we have so many news channels and their websites, apps always keeping us updated with any information. But we can see that there is a lot of competition and somewhere between this completion the quality of content has lost its way.

    • Public relations

    This is another field that is growing enormously in India, now you may think that public relations and advertising are similar as both are related to endorsing and publicizing a specific brand or product but no, both are very different from each other. Public relations is basically related to shaping public opinion based on a professional opinion of a product and/or organization. Brands have there owned PR teams who help them in the promotion. With more and more use of social media, this field has become more popular and easy to establish.


    It’s 2018! And unlike earlier mass communication has a lot of jobs to offer. You can always find a job good in this field if you have relevant skills and you if have some past experience.

    Some of the famous job profiles are:

    1. Desk writers
    2. Reporters
    3. Correspondence
    4. Sub-editors
    5. Editors
    6. Video editors
    7. Graphics editor
    8. Sound mixer and sound recorder
    9. Radio jockey
    10. Anchor
    11. Tv producer
    12. Radio producer
    13. Photojournalist
    14. Videojournalist
    15. Journalist
    16. Illustrator
    17. Cartoonist
    18. Public relations officer
    19. Blog writer
    20. Director
    21. Vision maker
    22. Scriptwriter



    Aj kidwai MCRC, JMI, New Delhi.Admission through entrance exam: JMI ENTRANCE EXAM

    Symbiosis Institute of media & communication, Pune. Admission through entrance exam: SIMC entrance exam

    Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. Admission through entrance exam: XIC-OET

    Department of communication, Hyderabad. Admission through entrance exam: university exam

    Indian Institute of Journalism & new media, Bangalore.admission through entrance exam: IIJNM aptitude test and personal interview.



    1. Hindustan times, headquarters: New Delhi
    2. Times group, headquarters: New Delhi
    3. The pioneer, headquarters: New Delhi
    4. The Hindu, headquarters: Chennai
    5. Malayala Manorama, headquarters: Kottayam
    6. India today group, headquarters: Noida
    7. Outlook, headquarters: New Delhi
    8. Jagran Prakashan group, headquarters: Kanpur
    9. Zee network, headquarters: Mumbai
    10. India tv, headquarters: Noida
    11. Network 18, headquarters: Noida
    12. NDTV, headquarters: New Delhi
    13. All India radio, headquarters: New Delhi
    14. Doordarshan, headquarters: New Delhi
    15. Indian express, headquarters: New Delhi
    16. Star tv, headquarters: Mumbai
    17. Sahara one media & entertainment limited, headquarters: Mumbai
    18. Balaji telefilms limited, headquarters: Mumbai


    You can also visit this article to know IMPORTANCE OF DOING MASS COMMUNICATION

    Gain experience: I am sure you must have heard this a lot of times but yes, the most important factor in this industry is an experience. Its never too late to start with an internship as many recruiters analyze your CV on the bases of your past experiences.

    Improve your writing skills: another major thing to keep in mind is that this field required a creative mind with strong grammar. A well-written content can take you further in your career, you can also work for reporters who look for some short content or you can look for a good content writing internship that will help you enhance your writing skills with time.

    Strong foundation: it is essential to complete your education to gain more knowledge in the field of choice. You should complete your masters after your post graduation in a subject of your choice, this will open up more career paths for you and will help you to reach the top.

    Gain knowledge: this is a field which requires an aware person, you should read the newspaper, magazines to always be aware of things happening around you and to also write about the same.

    Enjoy what you do: always always always! choose a field of your interest, as it is very important to like what you do in order to put in your 100% in the work you do. Also, this field demands you to have an open mind and accept criticism of your work as people will always have different opinions. Keep working hard! keep succeeding!