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    • August 17, 2020
    • Posted By : Priyambika
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    “Let’s change this world with the help of technology”

    Mobile application development is a process by which a developer develops an application for the users that can run on mobile or digital assistants. These mobile applications can be pre-installed on mobile or the user may have to install them.

    It develops software that is made to run on a phone. Mobile applications are developed of different types- native apps, HTML5 apps, and hybrid apps.  

    The mobile development business is growing day by day as several businesses are choosing to go online, they tend to opt for their app for their brand for interaction with customers. Let us discuss everything about mobile application development.


    Mobile, a tool which has made our daily life so much simple, we can do much of our work by just a click, no more standing in those irritating and exhausting queues. From the recharge of our phone to pay off our bills everything can be done in just a single click. Tons of Apps are there to make our life easier and simpler but ever imagined about how these apps are developed? Or How much an App developer can earn? Or how could you become an App developer?

    Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device, and a typical mobile application utilizes a network connection to work with remote computing resources. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing platforms, or delivered as web applications

    Mobile App Development industry is dominated by two major players

    1. Apple- iOS platform is the operating system that powers by Apple.
    2. Google- Android platform is the operating system that powers by Google.


    • Statistics have shown that smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile applications. It is never going out of business! 
    • A large number of users prefer native apps instead of websites.
    •  An average person has at least 30 applications on their phone. I mean, look at yours!

    Before one decides to make an app for a small to medium-sized business, they need to deeply understand the niche of business, their competitors, their target audience, platform and frameworks that will be used, the tools, the overall budget, features, the development process, the timeline of the development process and the launch of the product. 


    There are three types as we had named them earlier. Let us discuss them in detail:


    These apps are platform-specific. Example- iOS or Android. 

    They use all the software development tools and programming languages that are supported by the particular operating system. Developers prefer native apps because of their demand and potential. Smart home devices are getting more demand with time and there are a lot of devices in the market. The developers are using wearables, the Internet of things, and sensors for creating unique applications.  

    • HTML5 APPS

    These are applications that work on the write-once-run-anywhere approach. The apps that are developed with the help of this framework can run on any platform and are more compatible. They require a minimal amount of changes for functioning on different platforms. They send notifications through the desktop notification feature and interact through email. 


    These applications are a combination of HTML5 apps and native apps. They are entailed by creating a container that is developed in a native system that allows embedding an HTML5 app within it. Example- Facebook and Google Maps, drive traffic to the website and brick-and-mortar location.


    Android-based apps are generally based on Java programming language, it’s a most preferred language for Androids. iOS apps are based on the Swift programming language.

    In case of Android apps can also be developed by C and C++ but here you will need a set of tools that are known as Native development kit. For company or individual who’s planning to develop or build an App need to keep following things in mind :

    1. How the idea can be compiled or merged in order to develop a functional mobile app.
    2. Then a rough prototype should be developed in order to check it’s credibility.
    3. Then Final designs should take place, like which fonts to be used, what background to be used?
    4. This phase is the development phase.
    5. This stage is the testing period.
    6. Now App is finally ready for deployment.
    7. Feedback

    The whole process can be divided into vivid steps-

    • Idea- What is the niche? What problems is this solving? What is the competition in the market?
    • Design- Designing a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to navigate the user through your app and make it easy for them.
    • Development- This step has all the coding work involved in your app. Preliminary testing is also done here.
    • Testing- This step is where the quality of the app is tested. All malfunctions and quality can be improved.
    • Launch- Once the app is developed with zero bugs and errors, the app must be launched. Places to launch the apps are Apple App Store and Google Play.
    • Marketing- Creating a marketing strategy for increasing the number of downloads and promoting your app is also very essential.


    • Appery.io- It is a mobile app builder. It requires no installation process.
    • Mobile Roadie
    • Good Barber
    • Appy Pie
    • AppMachine


    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • Xamarin
    • Iconic
    • PhoneGap
    • Corona
    • JQuery Mobile
    • Native Script
    • Appcelerator Titanium
    • Mobile Angular UI


    • Buddy- In this app deployment automation is a lot easier than any other because of the wide arrays, pre-configured actions, and services. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to build, test, and publish their Android app with a single click. It supports all programming languages and manages all the tasks.
    • Unity Ads – This tool allows the developer to integrate video ads in mobile games such that it helps in increasing the engagement of the player. It helps in generating the highest average revenue per user than any other video ad network in the world. It has an easy setup and leaves a positive impact on the player.
    • App Watch– This is a very essential tool for analytics of mobile and security products. It acts as a security agent for the mobile by saving it from getting hacked. It gains the trust of its users and identifies all the issues and possible security vulnerabilities.
    • Iconic- Iconic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework. Its framework is 100% free. It is an open-source project. It allows the developer to create all apps highly interactive by offering great tools and services. It has CSS components and JavaScript components for the development of the mobile app.
    • IBM Watson– Watson allows the app developer to create Artificial Intelligence to integrate with their apps. It provides storage and manages the data in the cloud. It analyses different types of data. Example- unstructured data like texts, images, video, and audio files. It uses machine learning to provide personalized recommendations by analyzing personality, interest, and emotion.
    • Brain Tree- This tool is an open-source payment mobile app development. It supports approximately twenty-three different languages. It consists of a modernized and simplified API. It supports both IOS and Android devices.
    • Corona- It is software that is completely free and an open-source tool. It is for developing apps and games for mobile and desktop applications. The developer can share their code to iOS, Android, and Kindle while building it.
    • Urban Airship- This is a tool for push notifications that developers use to deliver relevant and personalized messages. It is a helpful tool for developers to increase user engagement. It allows unlimited push notifications and in-app messaging.  


    The factors to consider while opting for the mobile development field are:

    • The architecture of the app that the developer is creating.
    • Your budget.
    • Security and performance. 
    • Your specific customizations.
    • Your application lifecycle management. 

    How to be an App developer

    If you are aiming for formal education then you need to have Bachelor’s in computer science, generally, this is the minimum requirement to apply for an app developer in most of the companies. You need to have a very good command over JAVA in case you want to be an Android developer, and for iOS, you need to learn swift.

    Some of the best institutions to earn a Bachelor of Computer Science in India are :

    • IIT Bombay
    • IIT Kharagpur
    • IIT Hyderabad
    • IIT Kanpur
    • IISER Pune
    • IISER Bhopal
    • NIT Warangal

    Through self Learning:

    It’s the 21st century and world is changing a lot, so you can learn all elements of app development by your self, and could work as a freelancer, there are various platforms that are available for this purpose :

    1. NPTEL: You can learn the things for free but for the certificate you need to pay a very minimal fee. Content provided here is of top-notch.
    2. Khan Academy is also a very wonderful platform to learn the required skills
    3. Udemy, Geek for Geeks, there are numerous platforms which will help you in learning required skills.

    Earning of an App Developer

    The average starting salary is around rs-6-7 lakhs/PA while after few years of experience you can easily earn around 15-20 lakhs/PA and with more knowledge and experience you can even earn more, infinite possibilities are there.


    Each and every field has its own set of challenges, and so do with this field. One of the biggest challenges for this field is security, the developer should always be keen to find security flaws, there are various illegal organizations that are a threat to society could sneak up into app, in order to prevent these regular security update must be provided so that non of the user could become a victim of any cyber attack or hacking.

    There is no industry without competition.  you need to come up with unique features and functionalities that will make your app stand out in the market. So many similar apps are present in the market now. What makes your app stand out is what will attract many unique users. Brainstorm and carry out a thorough market research analysis. This will help you fine-tune your app’s USPs.

    As you know, each month one new smartphone/device comes into the market. This means that you need to develop applications that are compatible with all the aspect ratios of the smartphone screen-size.

    Besides, design and interaction, app performance and battery consumption are also important aspects of mobile app development. The challenge is to design a well-performing, bug-free app that runs on a minimum possible battery. Performance, however, is solely considered to be a development feature and hence dealt with late during the design phase. Plus, different users perceive app performance differently. And then there are the devices. The app might function well on the latest device, but a lot of users are still running on older devices. Too many images or visual effects, flooding the cache, or using integrated sensors may disrupt the performance of your application on older versions.

    In today’s scenario, newer technologies like ML, VR, AI, etc hit the market. Thereby it is important that mobile application developers tend to the challenging demands of Technological Scalability.

    As an Industry :

    Mobiles are increasing day by day each one of us wants to avail the latest technologies. This Industry is also growing day by day, rapid change in technologies has encouraged more research work and as a result of which we could see how the software and hardware are improving at a rapid rate. Growth in this industry is exponential, according to an estimate at present the total valuation of this industry is around

    590 billion US-dollars, which is expected to reach 945 billion US-dollar till 2023, so data itself tells us the story that how much fast this industry is developing. It’s a field which full of a wide variety of opportunities, and in coming days things are going to be very interesting.

    Mobile application development is growing day by day. This is the perfect time to come into this industry.