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  • My MBA Brother

    • October 15, 2018
    • Posted By : Shivam Uniyal
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    Note: He did cheapest MBA in India but his out of the box thinking helped his ascent to higher levels on the ladder of the corporate sector.

    A carefree boisterous football lover who was the backbone of his regional football team now completed his BSc from an ordinary university in Srinagar Garhwal, some 381 km away from the cacophony of the capital city, Delhi. So, naturally, the questions regarding the future of callow Sumit started occupying a place in the dining table. He had two options in his mind one was a conventional and comfortable route, to pursue MSc and further. The second option needed self-believe and boldness, it was to drop college and sit for the preparation of competitive exams. He went for latter, subsequently, he went to Delhi for the preparation of Bank PO exam. Life was looping from house to coaching center and from coaching center back to the house.

    He lived with his elder sister in Delhi at rent. His sister completed her M.Tech and was working for a company taking a handsome salary.  But, what fascinated him the most about the corporate world was the commitment to the work and quest for creativity. He started preparing for MAT exam simultaneously and after burning mid-night electricity for many months, he achieved good marks in MAT exam. His grades were good enough to get admission in big universities and pursue MBA from there, but he declined instead he chose an ordinary university in his vicinity.

    ‎ ‎On being questioned about his rejecting other colleges, he says, today we are connected with everyone all across the globe and I find it futile to waste 10-20 lakhs of my parents’ lifetime earning to get admission in a big university unless it is IIM or IIT.  But with the marks at hand I won’t get there, so, why can’t I make the circumstances favorable for myself through my own efforts.

    He got admission in the Garhwal University but he started learning Business rudiments and Excel skills through a google play store application called  ‘Intershala’ which his sister suggested him. This helped him to hone his skills in Digital Marketing.

    The final year of MBA kissed his threshold and it was time to search for an internship. Some students went to LIC agency to get an internship degree since it was easy to produce and didn’t require an interview form of selection. Others went to some private companies and were occupied with errands like field-work-marketing which was not much significant without incomplete knowledge. This was the tradition from years to get an internship by hook or by crook to produce good marks in internal.

    But, Sumit thought out of the box, he started searching best firms that could provide him an internship in Digital Marketing. He asked people of that field, searched in google and finally ended up with a company called ‘IT – Avenue’ at Gurgaon, Haryana and this happened to be a turning point in his life.

    He googled the information about the company and to his utter luck found that the company had vacancies for interns. He immediately applied for the internship and made resume very cautiously. He stated his entire qualification, his hands on keyboard and  Excel and other details. After a few weeks he was called for an interview at ‘IT -Avenue’.

    He was not an artificial man and had a clear mindset of life. He entered into the interview room and greeted four people sitting in front of him. “Sir, these are my certificates,” said Sumit. The interviewer slipped the file to a corner and said, ” We have seen your resume.” ” Firstly let us know that we don’t advertise our company, so how did you come to know about our firm?” asked a man curiously locking his fingers. ” Sir, I was in search of internship in Digital Marketing. So,  my cousin recommended me to apply for your company,” said the boy. “Why did you choose our company,” asked another person. ” Sir, your company is a second best company in digital marketing in India and I think this reason is enough to wish to be part of your firm.” While entering the building Sumit read about the achievement of the company on a poster which helped him to justify his presence. Then, the boy was asked questions in digital marketing and was asked to solve several problems. Though he was not able to solve all but he was courteous enough to accept that he doesn’t know those things and will be kind to learn it under their supervision. He has explained the solution at the spot and was asked to solve another problem similar to that, which he finally aced.

    Their company used to recruit only people with completed MBA but having a student of MBA final year with fast pick up power was impressive. A girl interviewer asked, ” You mentioned in your resume that you played football.” “Yes mam, I used to play football but I had to leave it for my studies. I had to set my priorities,” said the boy. ” What have you learnt from football,” said a man with spectacles. ” Sir football teaches discipline, team work, builds endurance and recharges one to resume studies with more concentration.” “You also mentioned that you donate blood, have you any problem?” asked another interviewer. The boy replied, ” Yes sir, I donate blood timely and I am perfectly fine. I do it after every 6 months which is medically safe  for a healthy person”

    “Do you drink?” asked the girl. “No mam,” said the boy. “So, will you be able to adjust with the employees who drink in the celebrations?” asked the man with spectacles. Sumit replied,  ” Sir, if the celebration will have hard drinks than I think there will obviously be soft drink, I will suffice with it. I have no problem with drinking habits of others. I will manage it.” The interviewers passed a soft smile on the clever reply. “Students from IIM are waiting outside for interview, why do you think we should choose you?” asked the girl. ” Mam I have good knowledge of Tally, Excel, I am a committed person and will work with cooperation.”  ” So we will see it, you can go now. We will inform you if you are selected,” said the girl.

    Next day, a mail reached  the boy, ” Hello, Mr. Sumit congratulations, now you are part of our company.”

    What do you think are the reasons that increased the possibilities of his selection? It was his originality, clarity, teamwork attitude, knowledge of basic skills, high pick up power and proactive attitude that made him crack the interview. He says ” Be updated about your field. Keep repacking yourself every day to become a product pre-ordered. One should take care of every minute entry in the resume and a pristine person is most clear about his objective which fits him into the frame of his right job.”

    He summaries his Mantra of success, “Add Skills, Degree is supplementary.”