Workshop on SOUL 3.0 & Access of AKTU Nalanda E-Consortium

School of Management Sciences Varanasi successfully organized and conducted a Two-Day Workshop on Operations of SOUL 3.0 & Access of AKTU Nalanda E-Consortium on 17th & 18th June, 2022.  Workshop was conducted by Mr. Shamit Srivastava (Librarian), School of Management Sciences Lucknow. 

Mr. Shamit Srivastava in his session focused on user awareness, operations and implementation of SOUL 3.0 (Library Software Package). Mr. Srivastava also provided in-depth training to the staff members on how to access the AKTU Nalanda E-Consortium in order to facilitate the same to faculty & students at the campus.

The workshop was attended by the staff members from SMS Library and Computer Centre. Mr. Girijesh Singh Gautam, Assistant Librarian-SMS Varanasi, welcomed the resource person by presenting a bouquet on Day-1 of the workshop. The whole workshop was organized and coordinated by Mrs. Pratima Bhargava (Librarian) School of Management Sciences Varanasi. Day-2 of the workshop concluded with the felicitation of the resource person Mr. Shamit Srivastava and vote of thanks. Mrs. Pratima Bhargava, Librarian-SMS,Varanasi presented a memento to our resource person as a token of our gratitude and remembrance.  Dr. Amit Kishore Sinha, Associate Professor & Coordinator– Library Coordination Committee (SMS-Varanasi) proposed the vote of thanks. 


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